Rule of Life

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The citations are under the number of the relevant General Constitution (1ff.), General Statute (01ff), Decree (D), Historical Preface (HP),
or Formula of Profession (FP).

Abandoned attention to: "their pressing pastoral needs" 1. described as: "The most a., ..are those for whom the Church has not yet been able to provide sufficient means of salvation, ..have never heard the Church's message, .. do not receive it as the "Good News," and.. those who suffer harm because of division…" 3; 09; 010; 011; 012; 013; in time of St. Alphonsus: "those in the country-side" HP; other categories: 3; 4; 14.
Abdication cf. Renunciation
Ability to be used by each "to his own support and that of others" 64. Cf. Aptitudes
Abnegation cf. Self-denial; self-sacrifice; self-renunciation.
Redemptorists share in the a. of the cross of Christ by a total consecration to his mission, 51; in a spirit of a they gladly make way for local clergy, 011-c. A. is one of the virtues proper to the apostolic community 057.
Abrogation of acts of general government 119
of decrees of extraordinary (v)provincial council 0161
of general statutes 109-b-2
of (v)provincial. Statutes 0140a, 0141
Absence, Absent from a Chapter 0152-d; from community: the major superior, for a just reason, "can permit a member to live outside a house of the Institute" 0211; other regulations for: 0211; loss of active and passive vote by, unless absent "for health, study, exercise of the apostolate of the Institute.." 0211; of Superiors: 117, 127, 0101, 0105; of consultors: 0126; 0159; 0160.
Acceptance cf. Confirmation
Accounts 72, 124-a, 083, 0130, 0137, 1096, 0202. cf. Instructions, Treasurer.
Adaptation The Congregation must adapt its own structures and institutions to its apostolic needs, 96; to the needs of the Church and humanity, 107; communities need suitable organisation and a way of life, capable of being modified, in accord with what the Church, circumstances of time and place, particular cultures and national characteristics require, 44, 45. The principle of a. is mentioned also in 13, 17, 18, 33, 011, and indirectly in 030, 046c.
Administration, Administrator, Administrative The a. structure of the community is at service of a spirit of fraternal communion 34, 030. The Superior must be, first of all, a pastor of souls, then a ruler and a. 039. A. of temporal goods 144, 0203-0208. Cf. also 0116-a, 0130, 0132, 0134, 0172, 0190, 0191-b, 0193-b. and Business, Temporal Goods, Treasurer.
Administrative Body 112, 120, 124-a, 0113, 0166. Cf. Institutions
Admission 79, 85, 86, 062, 077, 078. Cf. Candidates, Profession (religious).
Advice cf. Consultation, Council.
Aged a. are also missionaries, 55; deserve special attention and care, 034; accept their condition with generous faith.., sources of good example for the young, 034.
Agreement between province, vice-province or region, to be made re reciprocal rights and duties, 090, 0175; with local ordinary re reciprocal rights and duties 011d; for gifts etc. with obligations attached, a civilly valid contract is required, 0200, 0201. Cf. Contract.
Alienation definition, 0193b; limits, D. of Ben. XV 2b, 0193a, c; recourse for A, 101.
Alfonsian Academy Set up in Rome; scope is very closely connected with the purposes of, and should be maintained and supported by the whole Congregation, 023.
Alphonsus, Saint Founder of the Congregation, HP; 1, 2, 33, 90, 108, 05, 011-b; Model and Father of Redemptorists, 05; Doctor of the Church, patron of Moralists and Confessors, HP. His characteristics: apostolic zeal, 2, 33; esp. for conversion of unbelievers HP, 011-b; fidelity to the Church, 33; charism of spiritual direction, 024; devotion to BVM, 32; spirit of prayer, 26; promotion of studies and sacred sciences, 90. Confreres revere A. as model and father, 05, 056; copy his zeal 2, 33, spirit of prayer 26, his ecclesial sense, 33, know his life and study his works, 33.
Apostles A. are patrons of the Congregation, 05; Redemptorists carry on the A. work, HP; live in community imitating A., 22; persevere in teaching of, 26, in prayer with A. and Mary, 26, 056; are a. of conversion, 11.
Apostolate generic term for evangelisation, mission, apostolic activity, pastoral care, etc 1-20, 09-025, 059. Holy Spirit distributes gifts, charisms for a, 49; a of all the Congregation 143; of Brothers 084a; of O.SS.R. nuns; of oblates, 02, 085; among unbelievers, 011; ecumenical, 013; by media of social communication, 022; vocation a, 79,051.
Apostolic The a. life of Redemptorists embraces life of special consecration to God and to missionary activity, 1. They follow the example of Christ with a. life, 1; share, announce His mystery, 20; direct a. zeal to the faithful, 3; form an a. community, 2, 091, 093. An a. form of life favours pastoral zeal, 21. Community structures are to be adapted to the needs of a. ministry. The Eucharist is source and summit of a. life, 29. Through Chapters the confreres exercise responsibility for a. life, 98; reinvigorate it, 107; examine it 0116; judge a. priorities, 17, renewal of a. methods, 17, 123, 0140. Cf. Apostolic life secretariate 025, 0114;
Apostolic Activity HP, 3, 13, 14, 15, 18, 21, 25, 28, 38, 45, 53, 55, 72, 86-2a, 90, 125, 136, 141. 01, 011c, 014, 015, 019, 026, 037. 051, 069, 084-a, 093, 094, 0188. Cf. Apostolate, Apostolic Life, Evangelize, Forms of missionary Activity, Mission...
Apostolic Life 1, 21, 29, 86-2, 88, 98, 107, 114-b, 123, 051-a, 057, 0114, 0116, 0140. c.f. Apostolate, Apostolic Activity, Evangelize, Forms of Missionary Activity, Mission Secretariate.
Apostolic See cf.. Holy See
Appeal cf. Recourse.
Appointment in community 0184; of assistant treasurer general 0130; of members of house of St. Alphonsus, Rome 0138b; of officials of general curia 0127, 0138-b; to office 095, 098. Cf. Designation
Approbation of the CC. and Rules by Benedict XIV, 25-2-1749, (HP). Of the CC. renewed according to Vatican II, by the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes, 2-2.1982.
Approval by councils in general, 0100; by extraord. Prov. Council 090, 0153-b; by general council, 17, 090, 0126-b, 0142; by general government, 067, 081, 083-b, 0175, 0186, 0191-a, 0192, 0193-a; by ordinary, 040; by (v)prov. Chapter 0140-4; by (v)prov. Council 137-b, 0186; by (v)prov government; by secretariate for finance 0173, 074; of constitutions, HP, d of approval; of reports, 0113.
Approval for Confessions 040.
Aptitudes Proclamation, testimony to the Word in accord with personal a, 10; respect for persons, their capacity and qualities so as to give each the possibility of personal choices, 36; Each, should assume, according their own a., that part of the work and tasks which derive from the missionary vocation, 39; the (v)prov. Chapter will investigate in what works the Brothers may suitably be engaged in, 084-a.
Archivist of the General curia, 0134, 0138; of the (v)provincial curia, 0171.
Arts 022.
Asceticism 60.
Assistance cf. Help.
Associates 02.
Assumption of office 097.
Atheism 012.
Audiovisual 022.
Auditor elected from the members of the secretariate for finance to act as a. of the finances of the general financial office, 0133.
Authority Superiors exercise a. in a spirit of service, 72; they guard the confreres' rights, 094; ultimately, the Superior has to choose and order what is to be done, 73-2; Chapters and Superiors have dominative power, ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the internal and external forum, 100; use powers in a collegial spirit, 100; must seek out and help those who withdraw from their a., 0212; General Consultors make effective the a. (power) of the Superior General, 118. Cf. 15, 86-2b, 115, 121, 134, 026, 094-a, 098, 0100, 0102, 0112, 0169-b, 0172, 0183, 0186, 0190.
Availability the fruit of self-denial, a characteristic of Redemptorists, 15, 18, 20; a share, by consecration to His mission , in the complete a. of Christ, 51; for the service of others, 54, 18; a. is a requisite of charity, 031; cf. 127, 057.
Badge 5.
Baptism 11. 47, 78.
Beatitudes 056.
Beginners 033.
Benedict XIV HP.
Benedict XV Decree, 043.
Benefactors first b. are our parents; they deserve special esteem and affection, 035.
Bond 46, 54, 76, 107, FP-I, -II, 011-b, 0202. Cf. Profession (Religious), Vow.
Books of Administration 0133, 0206, 0207.
Brothers community of, 030-032; coadjutor b., members of the Congregation, 01; share in the same vocation, 89; and Eucharist, 29; and training, 89; (v)provincial Chapters must take care of permanent formation, 089; prefect of 0169; St. Gerard, special exemplar, 05.
Budget 0113, 0173, 0191-a, 0195, 0197. Cf. Financial, Temporal Goods, Treasurer.
Burdens 39, 034.
Business (affairs, matters, transactions) in general 101, 0111; of community 0182, 0183; of extraordinary. (v)-provincial council 0158-a; of general chapter 111; of Nuns O.Ss.R. 08; of postulator general 0137; of vice-province 0177; of (v)provincial Chapter 0141, 0193-b; of (v)-provincial government 0162; with gen. govt., 0177, with Holy See, 0128, 0129; Cf. Administration.
Calling 19, 23, 39, 41, 49, 86-2, 014-c, 037. Cf. Vocation,
Candidates c. are those moved by the Spirit, 80; sense themselves called by God to follow Christ by religious profession, 86; in a Redemptorist community, 79; as priests, 87; 01; as permanent deacons, 01, 081-b; as coadjutor brothers, 89, 01. The effectiveness of the Congregation depends on the number and quality of c, 79; suitability to be ascertained, 051.
Cf. 78, 81, 054, 036, 057, 062, 063, 077, 078.
Catechesis C. makes faith lively, deepens understanding, and leads to action, 019.
Causes of Saints 0135 -0137.
Celebration 12, 32, 028-a, 056.
Celibacy 57, 58, 59, 055 cf. Chastity.
Cessation of Office 095-e, 096.
Chancellor general 0134; provincial -0170.
Chapter 1. In general. The C. is the primary institution of the Congregation and of the (Vice)Province 98; 104; a moral collegial person, representing all the confreres 122, 104; it meets periodically, 98, for the benefit of the Congregation, of its government and its renewal, 98; It has dominative and jurisdictional power.
2.General Chapter. The g. C. promotes the good of the whole institute, strengths internal links, and furthers adaptation to the needs of the Church and humanity, 104, 107, 111; examines and judges the state of the Congregation. In its various aspects, 108, 0116; chooses the members of General Government, 110; emends the Constitutions, 109-3; corrects, revises, abrogates, interprets the Statutes, confirms, revokes decisions of Gen. Govt., dispenses, 109-2, 102, 119; convoked every six years, 104, 105, emergency exceptions, 0119; composed of members by office and election; convocation of extraordinary General Chapter, 104, 0118. Any confrere can send observations and proposals, 0150
3. (V)provincial C. Prepared for by preparatory Commission, with collaboration of secretariates and all confreres, 0149, 0150; the (v)-Provincial convokes ordinary, 146, and extraordinary C., 1052-b, by communicating with all confreres, the General Govt., and (Vice-provincial C.) with Provincial Government, 0147. Members to be elected quam primum, 0148; Composed of members by office and election, 0144; Substitutes and supplents are to be appointed according. to DC, 0145,
The C. itself determines its periodicity; must be convoked at least once each triennium, 0152. Invalid if more than one third of capitulars are absent, 0152-d. The (v)Provincial Sup. Is president, 0151; if present the Superior General opens the plenary session, closes the final session, and has the right to vote, 0151. Procedure of C., regulated by DC and (v)Provincial particular law, 0151; convoking an extraordinary session, 0152-b,c.
Duty to renew, adapt continually the apostolic life and government of the (v)Province, 123; All can send observations and proposals, 0150. Can make, modify, interpret, abrogate (v)-Provincial Statutes, 0140-a, with a two thirds majority, 0141, with approval of Gen. Council 0142; can issue decrees, 0140-a, confirm, abrogate decrees of Superiors and (v)-Provincial. Councils, 0140-f. Examines the state of the (V)-Province, 0140-b; decides apostolic priorities, 17; lays down norms to decide, within its ambit, who are more in need of spiritual help, 09-a; studies how to use the media, 022; promotes apostolic life, 0140-c; lays down mode of proceeding in erecting and suppressing houses, 0140-d; chooses times and means apt for promoting renewal of the Congregation, 084-b;gives attention to the regular training of the brothers, 084-a; determines conditions for reception of permanent diaconate, 081-b;
For competence in economic matters cf. 144-c, 0140-e, 0192, 0193, 0194.
For other competences, cf. 129, 0154, Limit re poverty, Decree of Pius X, concl.
Character 17, 45, 04, 011c, 023, 151b, 069.
Charisms The Holy Spirit grants gifts and c. for the apostolate, 23, 049; the Superiors are to judge their nature and proper use, 049; the chief c. are directed to charity, 049; c. of spiritual direction, notable in S. Alphonsus, is exceptionally important, 024. (V)-provincial Statutes, taking account of the missionary c. of the Congregation. In the Church, regulates and favours their use for human and social progress, 021. Cf. Character
Charity 1. In community life. C..L. has to be regulated in accord with the demands of fraternal c., 22, 38. C. a special subject for examination in revisio vitae, 038. Fraternal c. has to include deceased confreres and benefactors, 036. Religious profession binds us to the exercise of apostolic c. 46; obliges us to a life of fraternal c, Formula of Profession, following the mission of Christ, which is imbued with apostolic c., 48, and is the unifying principle of our entire life, 52, 54, and union with God, 53. Candidates must be formed to fraternal c. as the virtue proper to an apostolic community, 057. Fraternal c. is an aid to chastity, 60. Laity working with us are to be treated with c. and justice, 0199.
2. In the apostolate. Redemptorists are men of fervent c., 20; give witness to c. by prayer and service, 9; The aim of missionary activity is to raise up and form communities which 'walk in love,' 12; the greatest work of missionary c. is bringing the gospel to unbelievers 011;
3. In government. Superiors exercise their authority, showing their confreres how God loves them, 72; correct them with all c. 094. Consultors must keep secrets when c. demands, 0111. Also, 10, 16, 18, 21, 60, 65, 81, 142, 148, 011, 031, 049. Cf. Friendship, Love,.
Chastity Religious c. brings with it the obligation to perfect continence or celibacy, signifies and contains the mystery of the love of Christ, 57. Redemptorists choose c. for the sake of the Kingdom, 57, 58. To understand and live the mystery of c., Redemptorists ask for it in union with the Church, 59, trusting in the help of the Lord and the patronage of O.L.P.H. 042. Use of spiritual and natural helps and means, 59, 60. True fraternal love in community life safeguards c., 60. Candidates who have reached sufficient maturity, consecrate (cf. FP) themselves by a vow of c., 85, 073. Profession of c. is an answer to the love of God, 56.
Choice 11, 15, 59, 83, 124-b FP-I,-II, 052.
Chosen 7. Cf. Decision.
Christ 1. In the mission of the Congregation, the end of the Institute is "to follow the example of Jesus C., the Redeemer, by preaching the Word of God to the poor," 1, 50, 74, 01. All Redemptorists are helpers, companions and minister of Jesus C. in the great work of Redemption, 2, 6.
Following the example of C., 20, even his hidden life, 01; they proclaim C. explicitly, 8, and give witness to the charity of C., 9; they preach the mystery of C. with constancy and confidence, 10; and his Kingdom, 12.
2. In community life. Redemptorists are gathered together in the name of C., 34; are called to continue his presence and mission, and make him the centre of their lives, 23; gathered in unity of purpose in C. they readily reach a decision on what the common good requires of the entire group, 38.
Docile to the Holy Spirit, who works without ceasing to conform them to C., they give all their attention to putting on the new self, created in the image of C., 25, 41.
They pray without ceasing, following C.'s exhortation, 26; meet C. especially in the sacraments , 27, in the Word of God, 28, in the liturgy, especially the Eucharist where the whole mystery of C. is present, 29; in colloquy with C. after communion, and in the worship of and visits to the Bl. Sacrament, 028; in mental prayer and the Rosary, by which they contemplate the mysteries of C., 31, 32, 81; the sick, aged, troubled, know how to follow C. generous accepting in faith their condition, 034.
Redemptorists follow Jesus the Saviour with joy, 20, walking the same way as C., the way of virginity, poverty and obedience, 50; they aim to become, through C. a response to the Lord "who first loved them," 56, and, incorporated into C.'s mission, 47, they share in it by apostolic charity, the principle which unifies their entire life, 52.
Religious chastity signifies and embodies the love of C. and his Church, 57; Redemptorists choose celibacy to dedicate themselves to God and to the mission of C., 58. As missionaries, they embrace the poverty of C., 61; imitating C. who gave them everything, they share all things, 044., become the sign of that fraternal life of C.'s disciples, 62.
Following the example of C., members dedicate their own will to God, 71. Evan- gelical obedience contributes to the true development of the human person dedicated to C. and bears witness before the world to the genuine freedom of the children of God and to their common union in C., 75. The chief duty of the Superior is to serve the community so that its may be formed and grow in C., 139.
3. In formation. The Spirit of C. raises up missionaries in the Church, ordinarily he makes use of human contacts and relationships to make C.'s invitation known, 80. Candidates should discover progressively what the following of C. demands of them, 78, 86-2, 053; they should seek a life of brotherly union, in order to hasten the coming of God's Kingdom in which C. desires to unite all, 81; they are imitators of C., like St. Paul, 81. Candi- dates are to be thoroughly trained in how to seek C., and follow Him with ardent love, 056.
Christian HP, 12, 34, 44, 78. FP-I, -II, 011, 012, 013, 014-b, 020, 031, 054.
Chronicler 0138.
Church, ecclesial 1. The Congregation shares in the mission of the C. which is of its nature missionary, 1; with its own charism, 021, it carries out its mission in the C., 2, and is at its service, 18, 19; it is sent to those for whom the C. has not been able to provide sufficient means of salvation, 3. The choice in favour of the poor is the very reason why the Congregation exists in the C., 5, 1, 3, 4, 010- 013. The special mission of Redemptorists in the C. is the explicit proclamation of the word of God to bring about fundamental conversion 5, 10. Ever following the magisterium of the C., 6, they have very much at heart the Founder's way of thinking with the C., as a sound criterion for their missionary service, 33. They must ask themselves whether the means of evangelisation they employ answer to what is expected of them by the C. and the world, 17.
2. Since the C. embraces sinners in its fold, and is always in need of conversion, 017a, and must continually preach faith and repentance to believers, 014, the Congregation directs its apostolic zeal within the C. among Christians, 12, 014, 010, and non-Christians t, 011; it builds a truly indigenous C. 011c, among those who do not accept the C.'s message as good news, 012, and among brethren separated from the C. 3, 013.
3. Communities and members do all in their power to harmonise their own work with the enterprises of the local and universal C., 18, despite exemption, they are in fact and law part of the local c., 04, 18, 93. The Vice-province is established to serve the C. especially where a missionary situation exists, 131.
Study sessions should always give consideration to the needs of the local c., 037. Community norms should be capable of being modified according to what the C., … requires,45.1, The Holy Spirit inspires the members with a readiness to serve God in the C., 73.1.
4. The members walk the same way as Christ by vows, with the C., 50. Chastity is a sign of the mystery of the C., and its love for Christ, 57-59; members follow those ascetical norms which have been tested by the C., 60.
5. The Spirit of Christ raises up vocations in the C., 80. In promoting vocations, Redemptorists show genuine co-operation with those appointed for this duty in the universal C., and especially in dioceses and regions, 050. Members must be penetrated with a sense of the mystery of the C. and learn to share its total life 056; devote themselves to the study of theological and human sciences in compliance with the wishes of the C., 023. Formation of candidates must be for the service of the missionary C.
Clement M. Hofbauer, St. HP, 05, D. of Pius X concl..
Cleric, clerical, clergy 1. 02, 011c, 020
College, collegial A c. is the assembly of consultors with a Superior and of which he is both president and member, 086b. Superiors must exercise authority in a c. spirit, i.e. with the consultors, 100. In our Congregation (vice) Provincial Chapters are moral c. persons, 122,133, 0153, 0154. Sometimes the Council and the community Assembly act as a c. 101, 0123, 0182; the DS and (vice)-Provincial Statutes determine the occasions and the procedure, 0125, 0162, 0182. When the Council is acting collegially, should there be parity in a vote, the voting is repeated, 0109a.
Colour 010.
Commission,(preparatory). If at all possible a capitular preparatory c. has to be set up, 0149. Its competence: 0150.
Commitment 44, 54, 014b.
Common Good Unity of purpose in Christ, they readily reach a decision on what the c. g. of the entire group requires, 38. Superiors willingly listen to the members and win their co-operation for the good of the institute and of the Church, 72, 049. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the sake of the c. g., 92. Superiors pass judgement on the use of gifts and charisms for the c. g., 049. The c. g. may demand that a Superior assume the functions of a lesser superior of official, 0100.
Communication The Congregation makes use of the means of social c. in the service of the apostolate, 022. The (vice)Provincial can delegate and sub-delegate his faculties in so far as they are communicable 0157. C. of goods between communities and (v)Provinces, 0198, and with the poor, 044.
Communion, eucharistic Colloquy with the Lord after Eucharistic c. 028a.
Communion, fraternal The congregation unites its members in fraternal c. 01. The members strive to enter ever more closely into union with Christ… the closer their union with him, the stronger will become their union with each other, 23; the right and duty to use gifts and charisms in fraternal c. 049. Evangelical obedience witnesses before the world to common union in Christ, 75. The administrative structures of the community should always be at the service of a spirit of fraternal c., 030. All the members, whether living in community or, exceptionally, living alone, ought to feel in fraternal c with the (vice)-Province, 026, 027, 093. A member who has withdrawn from fraternal c. will be sought out and helped to persevere in his vocation, 0212. A Province pursues the ends of the Congregation in c. with other units of the Institute, 121.
Community, community life The essential law for Redemptorists is to live and work in fraternal and apostolic communion, 2, 22, 62, 026, 027.

1. C. in general. Living and working in a communion of love, having all in common, at the service of the Gospel, 21, 22, 60, 139, 044. C. is not just a material union of persons, or an organisation or external administration, but is also a fraternal communion of minds and hearts and spirit, 21, 030, 126, 139. C. must be a genuine brotherhood, 36; The members must have the same spirit which animated the apostolic c., 62. The term c. can refer to the Congregation, the (vice)Provinces, local and personal community, 22, 026

2. The spiritual basis of c. At the heart of c. is the person of Christ, especially in the Eucharist, his presence and that of his Spirit of love which forms it and sustains it, 23, 73, 139, 028a. The c. lives in intimate relationship with he Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit through faith, the Word and prayer, 26-30, 028. Gathering together in the name of Christ, brings into being that Gospel friendship which gives life to the apostolic c., 34. C. enriches all in their inner spirit and in the work of evangelization entrusted to them, 2, 22, 54, 62, 139, 051, and enriches their vocation, 37. The closer their union with Christ, the stronger will become their union with each other, 23. C. prayer gives expression to the unity of the members, 30.

3. The human basis of c. is a great respect for persons, their abilities and qualities, the promotion of their values and the equality of their rights and obligations, 35, 34-38, 44. The structure of the c.s should promote a spirit of fraternity, 030

4. Various aspects of community. The c. is open to the world, 43; it belongs to the ecclesial community and to the human groups among which it works, 43, 04; It is dedicated to the service of the Church and to announcing the message of salvation, 2-22, 60, 139. The c. aims at continual progress through constant interior renewal, 40-42, 038-040; in c. life itself, 041, 048, and in apostolic activity, 041, 136, 0179, 0180.

5. Organisation and government of the community. C's are houses or residences; they can be local or personal 091. A (vice)Province is the union of several houses, 088, 130. At the head of each c. there is a Superior with his local council and other officials, 139-140; 0181-0184. The superior gathers his c. periodically for study and revision of life, 136, 0179. The c. must make lay down certain norms, in keeping with its human conditions, 44, to which all must adhere loyally, 041, meeting the demands of evangelisation and the requirements of brotherly love, 22, and adapted to the missionary task 45.1. Every c. will lay down for itself opportune rules of life to foster and maintain its life with reference to prayer, 26-33, 028, to the exercises of mortification, 42, 039, to revision of life, 037-038, 042.2c, 136, to community gatherings, 0179-180, 025a, 90, and for the share of labour which each should shoulder in accordance with the direction of the Superior, and his own qualifications and talents, 39

6. Relations of c. with other c.'s. The members regard religious c. as fundamental, 43, but also belong to other c.'s, human, 43, 116, and ecclesial, 04, 93.

7. Absence from the community. Cf. 0211, 026, 027, 0292.
Concelebration, eucharistic C, or community celebrations, are highly commended, 028a.
Confessions, confessors Every confessor, approved by an ordinary, has jurisdiction for any confrere wishing to make his c., 040. The members should often have recourse to sacramental c., 41. Missionaries lead those who have been converted to share fully in redemption which is at work in the liturgy, especially in the sacrament of reconciliation, 12.
Confidence 9, 10, 19, 126, FP-III, 056, 057, 058.
Confirmation, (Acceptance) By Apostolic See: 109-b-3, 116-b, 146; by extraordinary provincial council: 0153-c, 0154; by general chapter, 119; by general government 0153-a, -b, 0154, 0178; by (v)-provincial chapter 0140-f, 0154, 0161; of office: 095-b, 098; of renunciation 097.
Conformity 25.
Congregation 1. History. Founded by St. Alphonsus in 1732 at Scala, under the title of the Most Holy Saviour, styled, in 1749, of the Most Holy Redeemer, and approved by Benedict XIV on February 25th, 1749. St. Clement Hofbauer, the Ven. Joseph Passerat and St. John N. Neumann contributed in particular to its transalpine and transoceanic development. It is now spread throughout the whole world. HP.

2. Constitution. The C. is a religious, missionary, clerical institute, with members of different rites, pontifically approved, and exempt, 1, 18, 04, 059, whose object is to follow the example of Jesus Christ by preaching the Gospel to the poor, 1, 3, 74, thus sharing in the mission of the Church,1. Preference for the more urgent pastoral needs or for evangelisation strictly so called, and an option in favour of the poor represent the same raison d'etre of the C.
The C. unites priests, deacons and laity, 2, 01, who live in common, form a single missionary body, into which they are incorporated by religious profession, 2, 46. Clerics and laity may be associated as oblates, 02, 085. The C. has patrons, 05, a seal and a coat of arms, 06, and a religious habit, 45.4, 07.

3. Apostolic mission. The C. carries out its mandate with bold initiative and wholehearted dedication, 13, 14. The members must be free and ready for this, whether for the different folk to be evangelised, or for the varied means to be used, 15. The C. has taken on its task to serve the Church, 18. It is sent, in a special way, to those who have not found in the Church sufficient means of salvation, 3, 010, those who have not received or have not heard the message of salvation, 3, 011, 012, those who suffer on account of divisions in the Church, 3, 013, and to the faithful called to continual conversion, 014.

4. Development. The C. is continually in process of formation and development, to be ready to meet the needs of the people to whom its members preach the Gospel, 82. It s apostolic end inspires and penetrates the entire formation programme of its members, 77, on whose quality and number depend the effective pursuit of its apostolic mission, 79. Candidates are to get to know the history and life of the C., 86.

5. Government. The C. is governed by the common law of the Church and by particular law, 03. The general principles embodied in the constitutions must inspire the entire government of the C, 91. All members and communities must play an active and responsible part in the government of the C.92.

6. Structures and institutions. The C. has its own structures and institutions, 97-99, which it must adapt to its apostolic needs, 96. It is made up of (Vice)-provinces, regions and communities, 97. The chapter is the primary institution for its government, 98.

7. The entire C. as well as each (vice) province and community has its own Superior and council, 9. Matters to be transacted with the Holy See are dealt with through the Procurator General, 0129.

8. Goods of the Congregation. Cf. Temporal goods.
Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes D of Approval of revised CC; D. of Pius X; Decree of Benedict XV.
Conscience 41-2.
Consecration The B.V. Mary c. herself totally to the person and work of her Son, 32. By religious profession the members c. their personal and community lives to the work of the gospel, and celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom, 58; and by obedience dedicate their own will to God, 71. To remind themselves of the importance of religious profession by which they are c. to God, they renew it twice a year, 080. Also 47, 78. Cf. Baptism.
Consent of community, 045;
of consultors, 73-3, 0108a, 0211;
of ecclesiastical authority, 0186;
of general council, 17, 102d, 0162a, 073, 0118a;
of general government, 70, 062, 0118a;
of local council, 0200;
of provincials 0119;
of supreme moderator, 70;
of (v)provincial government,
of extraordinary. (v)-provincial council, 0666, 099, 012-b-1, 162;
of ordinary (v)-provincial council 86-2-c, 102-c-d, 062, 065, 074, 0157, 0162, 0186, 0200;
of (v)-provincial superior 069.
Cf. Approval, Confirmation, Vote.
Consistency 5.
Constancy HP 10.
Constitutions The C. approved by the Holy See constitute our particular law, 03. The General Chapter cane change the C. by a two thirds majority of votes, but the change must be confirmed by the Holy See, 109b3. Either the General Chapter or the Superiors can dispense from the C. in a disciplinary matter, 109b1, 20, 102. All the members must observe the C., 74, and examine themselves on them during a revision of life, 038. The Decrees on poverty have the force of C. D. of approval; HP; 71; 73-3, 74, 91, 102, 109, 114c, 125, 144c, D. of Pius X (concl.), 03, 07, 038, 043, 067, 073, 0115, 0139, 0142.
Consultation 98, 120, 131, 060, 064, 070, 081, 089, 0108b, 0118, 0131, 0142, 0159, 0167.
Cf. Council.
Consultors 1. In general. C. represent the participation of the members in government; superiors exercise their powers therefore together with them, 100, 0108. C. have, in various cases, consultative or deliberate or collegial votes, 101. C. can insist to the Superior that he hold meetings at the prescribed times, 0106. C. are bound to secrecy 0111.
For the rules of precedency, see 0210

2. In particular:

a) General c. constitute, with the Superior General the government of the entire Congregation, 112, 086. Elected by the General Chapter, they are at least six in number and remain in office for six years, 110a, 118. For their election an absolute majority is sufficient, 110b. In the choice of c. regard should be had to regional representation of the entire Congregation, 118; 0124. They are members of the General Chapter, 106, and must promote the good of the Congregation 118, 0124. Their competence is listed in the CC and Statutes and in the Directory of General Government, 0125.

b) (Vice)provincial c. With the (Vice)provincial superior they constitute the government of a (vice)province, 124, 0158a. They are elected for three years. The manner of their election is determined by (vice)-Provincial statutes. 0158b. The ordinary c. are members by office of the (vice) Provincial Chapter, 144a. Their competence is listed in the CC, the Statutes, 019-0161, in the Directory of Superiors and in the (vice)-Provincial Statutes.

c) Local c. Every Superior shall have c. Their number, and the manner of their appointment or replacement are determined by the (vice)-Provincial Statutes, 0181. Their competence is listed in common Law, in the CC. and in the General and (vice)-Provincial Statutes, 102b, 0182, 0190, 0193, 0197.
Contributions C. to be paid to the General Government are fixed by the General Council, 0191b,1. Taxes and c. may be levied on communities by the (vice)Provincial Council.
Co-responsibility All the members are co-responsible for carrying out the apostolic Mission of the Congregation, 73.1, 35, 92; accept their c. with active and responsible obedience, 72, 048; have the responsibility of collaborating with the local church, 04; promote the responsibility of the laity towards their brethren, 020; promote the maturity and responsibility of everyone, 36. (Vice)-provincial Statutes are to give concrete norms on new ways of living poverty and of taking on personal responsibility in the matter, 046.2d.

All share the responsibility in the area of formation, especially the Superiors, 82. Candidates should be given willing help to assume full responsibility for the decisions they make, 81.
Members exercise their responsibility in Chapters, 98; all must take an active and responsible part in the government of the Congregation, 92; consultors are c. in the government of the Congregation 112, and of all the (vice)-Provinces. Local Superiors should see themselves as c. for the good of the entire Province, 139.
Correction, fraternal to be regarded as most important, 032, and to be practised by Superiors with all charity, prudence and fortitude, 094.
Council In the CC. and St. the term can mean: a) the group of consultors of the Superiors; b) their gathering; c) the group as a college, if used alone, 086a, in so far as it is an instrument of consultation with deliberate or consultative vote.
In general. The Congregation, the (vice)-Provinces, and the communities are ruled by their respective Superiors with their c., 99. The Superior General and the (Vice)-Provincials are presidents of their respective c., 114b, 125, 133. The (vice)-Provinces must establish an extraordinary c. to deal with more important affairs, 0158a. (Vice)Provincial Statutes are to determine which matters are to be dealt with by the c. and which by the community assembly, and when each of these must act collegially, 0182. For the mode of procedure of the General and (vice)Provincial C. cf. 0126 and 0159.

1. The C. as an assembly of the Councillors. The Superior must convene the consultors so that they can express heir opinions, 0108. In certain determined cases the c. must decide collegially, 101. The Consultors can demand that the Superior convenes assemblies in due proper time 0106, and they must come well prepared,0107.

2. a. The General C. as a college. It judges and approves apostolic priorities and their conformity to the character of the Congregation, 17; approves (vice)-Provincial Statutes and Decrees concerning the CC. and SS, 0141; decides on postponement of a General Chapter, 0119; accepts the resignation of the Superior General and the Vicar, 0116b, 123; chooses the new Vicar General or pro-Vicar, 0123a,b; draws up the Directory of General Government, 0125; approves the list of substitute General Consultors, 0126; decides which major matters require the presence of the Superior General or his Vicar with at least three Consultors, 0126c; grants dispensations to the whole Congregation, 102e; authentically interprets the SS. and prescriptions of the Directories, and the decisions of the General Chapter, suspends decrees and issues new ones, 119,1, 2, 3; chooses the major officials of the Curia and sets up needed and useful bodies, 120; chooses an auditor of the General economy, 0133; establishes (vice) Provinces, regroups, modifies or suppresses them, disposes of the goods of those suppressed, 97, 121, 130, 089; fixes contributions to be paid to the General Government, 091b.

b. The vice)-Provincial C. as a college. The extraordinary C. can convoke an extraordinary session of the (vice)Provincial Chapter, 0152b2; examines the (vice)Provincial statutes and passes judgement on them for the General Government, 0142; authentically interprets, or suspends decision of the relevant chapter and issues news decrees, 0161, gives permission for the founding of a community of another Province within its territory, 0186; approves the Vice provincial Superior and confirm his Vicar, 0153a,b; accepts their resignation, 0154; settles the guiding programme for the institutions of formation, 0168.

The ordinary C. nominates the officials of the Province and creates such instruments as it thinks fit, such as secretariates, 129, arranges the programme of formation for our priests, 081a, and can allow Superiors to accept goods to which conditions are attached, 0200.

3. The C. as a consultative instrument. In general. By deliberative vote, can impose a formal obedience, 73.3; and can assume the functions of Superiors and lesser officials, 0100.
The General C. has a deliberative vote to convoke an extraordinary General Chapter, 0118a; to dispense an entire Province from the CC. and G.S., 102d; to set up a novitiate house, 062a.; has a consultative vote to grant an indult for someone to live outside community, 0211.
The (vice)-Provincial C. gives consent to the foundation of a house in the territory of another Province, 0186; lays down norms concerning studies allowed during the novitiate, 066; gives its consent for the removal of a superior of a community, 099; for the convoking of an extraordinary session of the (vice)-Provincial Chapter, 052b1; gives approval in certain economic matters, 0174, 0195; gives consent to admission to novitiate and profession, 062c; and to determine the time and length of temporary profession, 074, and for transfer from one category to another. In the Vice-Province, to grant a dispensation, but the Provincial is to be informed, 102c.

The local c. gives a deliberate vote, so that the Superior may accept a benefit with conditions attached, 0200.
Conversion In the missionary activity of the Congregation, 3, 10, 11, 12, 014b, 017. C. of heart must characterize the entire life of the member, 41.1; a daily examination of conscience in common prayer is praiseworthy, and c. is made more complete in sacramental confession, 41,2. Continual c. increases availability for the service of others, 54.
Curia General: 120, 08, 0125, 0127, 0138b; (v)Provincial 0170-0174 cf. Officials.
Customs 011c, 051b.
Day Book 0206.
Deacon Diaconate. Ds. are a part of the Congregation, 01. The (Vice-)Provincial Chapter determines the conditions under which members proceed to the permanent d., 081b.
Death 41, 50, 55, 76, 117, 127, D. of Pius X 5, 034, 0123a.
Debts 0193.
Deceased Charity and prayers for the d.036.
Decentralisation 93.
Decision In general 17, 36, 38. 81, 055, 0110a. Cf. Choice, Judgement.
Appeal against, 101. In community 73.2, 94, 136, 137b. Of apostolic priorities, 17.
Of General Chapter, 102e, 118, 119.1. Of general Government, 109b2, 0127.
Of national episcopal conferences, 0181b. Of (v)Prov. chapter 127, 0140a, 0143.
Of (v) prov. consultors, 0160, 0161.
Decrees These can be issued by the General Government and the General Chapter, 109.b2, by the General Council, 119.3, by the (vice)Provincial Chapter, 137b, 047, 0140a, the (vice)Provincial extraordinary Council, 0161, 0140f. the General Government and the (vice)Provincial Government can remove Superiors by d. 099. D. of the General Chapter can be suspended by the General Council, 119.2; those of the (Vice)Provincial Chapter by the (Vice)Provincial extraordinary Council, 161. D. and decisions of the (Vice)Provncial Chapter enter into effect as soon as they have been promulgated or on the date stated.
They must be observed by all, 74.
A d. of dismissal of a member must be confirmed by the Holy See and communicated to the person concerned, 146, 147.
The D. of Pius X and Benedict XV regulate the vow of poverty, 043.
Dedication 1, 2, 13, 32, 34, Chap. III CC., 78, FP-I,-II, 055, 080. Cf. Consecration
Delegation in general, 0207. Of superior general, for visitation of (v)-province114c; for taking part in (v)-provincial. Chapter 0121. Of (v)-provincial superior 0157, and of sub-delegating the powers ascribed in the DS: 98; also, 0157. To accept profession, 079.
Deliberation 22, 83.
Delict 099.
Departure 145-148 Cf. Separation.
Dependence 68, 72, 130.
Deposit D. of Pius X, 9.
Deprived 4, 09. Cf. Poor.
Designation the term signifies nomination whether by election, declaration or proposal.
For taking part in a General Chapter, cf. 106.
(Vice)provincial Statutes determine the manner of designating the (Vice)provincial Superior and his Vicar, 0153, the ordinary and extraordinary Consultors, 0158b, the local Superior and his Vicar, 140, 0178, the members of the instruments of the (Vice)province 129. Cf. also, 124b, 128, 138, 140, 0103, 0164, 0165, 0181. To designate those responsible for formation in the Institute the formation secretariate must be consulted, 0167. Cf. Appointment, Election.
Destiny 7. Cf. Calling, Vocation.
Detachment 68.
Development 12, 19, 33, 34, 36, 40, 44, 75, 82, 136, 053, 058, Cf. Formation.
Devotion 32, 05.
Dialogue D. for knowledge of the world, and for the development of missionary activity, 19, 66. D. between Superiors and confreres, 73, 0155. Fraternal d. for community life, 45.2.
Diocese 16, 011d, 050.
Director of Higher College, 083c; of Office of Communications 0138; of office of statistics, 0134; of Formation, 82, 83, 060, 078, 0167, 0169; cf. Master of novices, Prefect, Teachers.
Directory in general 119, 03. Of Chapters: 104, 03, 0115, 0117, 0139, 0145, 0151, 0209.

Of General Government: 0125. Of Superiors: 03, 0125, 0156, 0157, 0162, 0163.
Discernment 82.
Dismissal The members can be dismissed in accordance with the norms of common law. 146, 147; the decree of d. must be communicated as soon as possible to the one concerned, giving him the faculty of recourse to the Holy See, 147. Anyone withdrawing from living contact with the Institute, shall, if he will not return, be dismissed in accordance with the law, 0212. Cf. 86.2d, 148
Dispensation who and what, and under what conditions, may be dispensed, in disciplinary matters, from Constitutions and Statutes, 102, 109a,1 and b. From Vows: The Supreme Pontiff, and the Superior General and his Council dispense from temporary and perpetual vows, 145. The (Vice)-provincial, by delegation from the Superior General, and with the consent of his council can dispense from temporary vows, DS.
Disposal of Goods cf. Temporal Goods.
Divine office 028b cf. Liturgy.
Division In Church 3, 013; territorial, 0185.
Docility 25, 72, 108.
Documents of beginning of novitiate, 062; of General Government, 0133, 0134; of office 095b; of profession, 079b; of renunciation of goods, 70; of (v)province 0171.
Donders, Bld. Peter 05.
Dress 45.4, 063.
Duty 5, 30, 64, 72, 82, 114b, 118, 123, 139, 09, 018, 038, 049, 0100, 0120, 0133. Cf. Function, Obligation, Office, Right, Service, Task.
Dynamism, Thrust 1, 13-17.
Economy Establishment of the e secretariate, 0114, 0131. Economes; cf. Treasurers.
Ecumenism the e. apostolate is a work of the Congregation, and the virtues it requires, 013.
Education cf. Teaching.
Effectiveness 5, 90, 118, 016, 017a, 046b.
Egoism 41-1.
Elapse of time in Law 0143. Cf. obligation.
Election In general: 095, 0164.
of auditors, 0133.
of chapter members: those who are not ex officio are elected by the confreres, 98, 0144, cf. 122b, 0148, 0152.
of general Council: the Superior General, his Vicar, the General Councillors are elected by the General Chapter, 114, 117, 118, and may be re-elected, 110. Cf. 0124.
of officials of general curia: the General council chooses the major officials-Procurator, Treasurer, Secretary, Postulator General, 120, and a replacement for the Vicar General if there is a vacancy, 0123a, or a substitute, if there is an temporary impediment, 123b, cf. 127.
of a substitute (v)provincial councillor, 0159b.
the obligation to accept election, DS, and what is prescribed in our law regarding election and the obligation of accepting office and renouncing it holds equally for aany kind of designation to office, 0165.
Emigrants 010.
Enclosure Norms for admitting persons to, and reserving for the community, parts of the houses, to be defined by the legitimate superior. 45.3.
Encounter 7.
End, Aim The Congregation has as its e."to follow the example of Jesus Christ, the redeemer, by preaching the word of God to the poor", 1, especially those most in need and deprived of spiritual help, 1-5, 46. The e. of all missionary activity of the Congregation is to raise up and develop communities of the faithful, 12. The apostolic e. of the Congregation must inspire and permeate the entire formation process of the members, 77. To respond to its missionary vocation the Congregation promotes higher studies in the sacred sciences, 90; the Alphonsian Academy was established in Rome for this purpose, 023.
Equality 35, 0210. cf. Tie.
Equity 70, 099.
Establishment, Erection of a community, 0140d; of a formation institution, 0167; of government of community, 137; of house, 135; of novitiate, 86.1; of province 0209;
of region, 97.3. 090; of (v)province, 97.1, 089; of vice-province 131.
Eucharist, cf. Communion The mystery of Christ is lived in the E, 29. Community life is specially nourished by the E. 27, source and summit of the entire apostolic life, 29, and means of fraternal unity, 26. Since the E. expresses and builds community, con-celebration and community celebration is strongly encouraged, as is thanksgving after communion, the visit to and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, 028a,. Mental prayer is important: it makes for more fruitful sharing in the e. mystery, 31. cf. 12, 27, 31.
Evangelical Counsels Cf. Religious vows.
Evangelize, Evangelization HP, 1, 3-5, 6-12, 13-19, 22, 37, 43, 63, 65, 75, 81, 139, 09-015, 021, 032, 044. Cf. Apostolic Activity, Apostolic Life, Forms of Missionary activity, Gospel, Mission.
Examination of Congregation by General Chapter, 108, 0116a; of Province, by (v)provincial chapter, 0140; by auditor general, 0133; by councillors, 0106; by General Council of treasurers report, 0191; by competent bodies of (v(provincial treasurers report, 0113; by secretariates, 0114; of (v)provincial budget, 0195.
Examination of conscience to be made daily by members, 41.2; to be made on personal fulfilment of ones office and on the observance of the CC. and Statutes, 103, 038.
Example P, 1, 71, 044.
Exemption The Congregation enjoys the right of e. 1, 100, 04; but the individual houses, in law and fact, are part of the local Church, 04; and must co-operate with it, 18.
Exercises, spiritual an apostolic work of the Congregation from its beginnings with St. Alphonsus and his companions, HP. The members give s.e. to every condition of person, 020. They themselves spend one day a month and eight days annually in s.e., 029. Other occasions and durations of s.e. 070, 095f.
Exiles 010.
Expectation 17.
Expenditure, Expense 101, 144, 0137, 0173, 0193, 0204, 0206, 0207.
Experience 60, 82, 86.2, 015, 034, 053, 058, 082.
Experiment, Test 60, 051a, 0114, 189.
Expert 83, 051a, 0114, 0189.
Expiation 6.
Expulsion cf. Dismissal.
Faculty 119, 0156, 017, 0161.
Faith, Belief Redemptorists are strong in f., 20; they develop a spirit of contemplation, which deepens and strengthens f., 24; they remain constantly in contact with the word of God to animate f., 28. They submit to their Superiors and fulfil their assigned duties with a spirit of f., 71. They take the Virgin Mary who went before them in f. for model and patroness, 32. The sick, the elderly, the troubled accept their personal situation with f., 034.
Candidates are animated by an unbreakable f., in the mystery of salvation,81, which they renew and increase, 058; in secondary or high schools students are to receive a human and Christian formation which will be a solid foundation for strengthening and developing their f., 053; they must collaborate with their teachers and learn from them, in the light of f. always to seek God, 83.
Redemptorists direct their apostolic zeal to believers also, so that their f. may be strengthened, 3, 014; they support priests, the natural educators in f., strengthening their f. through every available means, 015. Also: HP, 011, 012, 013, 058.
Cf. Profession of Faith.
Faithful, Fidelity Redemptorists are f. to the traditions of its predecessors, 2, 13, 108, to the Magisterium of the Church, 6, and to the spirit of St. Alphonsus, HP, 2. Candidates are to be f. heralds of the wisdom of the Gospel. The badge of the f. of the Congregation to the vocation it has received, 5. The General Chapter must make an examination in depth of the f. of the Congregation to its missionary vocation, 108. cf. 67, 74, 83, 96, D. of Pius X, conclusion, 031, 042.
The Faithful HP, 3, 010, 014.
Family The f. of the confreres, especially their parents, are associates of our religious f. and deserve, esteem and affection, 035. Norms for domestic life must refer especially to visits to f., 041a; the f. background of aspirants is to be examined, 0151b; the mission procurator shall enlist the co-operation of the f. of the missionaries, 0176.
Cf. Relatives, esp. re disposal of temporal goods (nn. 1 5 of the Decree of Pius X.)
Father 6, 12, 24, 48, 52, 59, 72, 144b, FP-I, -II.
Fellowship 26, 044.
Financial, Finance 088, 0132, 0133, 0140e, 0163, 0172, 0173, 0206. Cf. Budget, Reports, Temporal Goods, Treasurer, Secretariate.
Firmness 11.
Following of Christ The end of the Congregation is to follow the example of Christ the Saviour, HP, 1, 01; the f. of C. is its supreme law, 74. Redemptorists advance on the same road set out by Christ, which is a road of virginity, poverty and obedience, 50. The confreres embrace the apostolate among those who have not yet ever heard th message of Christ and his saving mercy, following Christ very closely, 011b. Candidates should gradually discover the demands of the f. of C., 78, and find out during the novitiate whether they can follow Christ, 86.2; m,2, 49, 71, with personal and religious maturity, they strengthen and develop their own resolution to follow Christ in faith, 053. Also: 90, 91, 056. Cf. Christ, Imitation of.
Foreign Missionaries 011c.
Formation, Instruction.

1. F. and i. in general. The Congregation is formed and grows unceasingly, 82; the members receive a specific f. 77-90, which the General Chapter examines, 0116a. Everyone has a responsible part to play in f., but the major Superiors, 82, and the teachers, 060, have a special role.
The process of f. includes: the choice of vocations, the various phases of f., and continual f. 77. The apostolic end of the Congregation characterizes the f. which is missionary, 77, 058. F. has in view the promotion of human and Christian maturity in aspirants and members, since they consecrate themselves freely and totally to the proclamation of the Gospel to the poor in a life in common, 78, 81, 83, 055.

The f. must be integral, adequate and inclusive of every human and Christian aspect of life, 054. F. for maturity, 055, for a spiritual life, 056, for community life, 78, 057. Pastoral f., 058. Secondary and high school f., 053. F. of postulants, 061, of novices, 86, 066-69, of aspirants to the priesthood, 87, 88, 081a, to the permanent diaconate, 081b, 89. The f. of confreres not aspiring to the priesthood, 89, 084a.

Every (vice)-Province is to have a secretariate for f. 0114, which must be heard in establishing norms concerning studies during the novitiate, 066, and the programme of f. for those aspiring to the priesthood, 081a, and the conditions for proceeding to the permanent diaconate, 081b, for the continual f. of the coadjutor brothers and of all the confreres, 084, to appoint those responsible for houses of f. and for their opening and closure, 0167, and to determine the way they are to function, 0168.

Continuous f. of all the members, 90, 084, must be the concern of the (Vice)-provincial Chapter, 084, and encouraged by the (Vice)provincial, 90, 022. Superiors must take part in seminars for their f.

2. Those responsible for f. Who they are, 82, 0169a. Appointed and replaced according to the norms of the (Vice)-provincial Statutes, 0164, after consultation with the secretariate for f., 0164, 0167. Relations between those responsible for f. and local Superiors are to be settled by the (Vice)-provincial Government, 0169b. Teachers are to play an active part in f. and co-operate closely with directors, 060.

Reports on the suitability of candidates, 070. Those appointed as formators are to be a team of qualified personnel, 82, are to follow a well thought-out programme which is of genuine service to the candidates and are to regard themselves, not so much as teachers imparting knowledge, but as servants of the truth, 83.

Forms of the Apostolate The a. of the Congregation is characterized more by missionary dynamism than by particular f., 13, 14; therefore the members must seek new apostolic initiatives, 15, adapted to the requirements of our times, 17, 33, 051. To give greater impetus to apostolic activity it is fitting that the (Vice)-provincial governments organise particular groups of members, 025b.
Formulae of Profession 86.2f. cf. Appendix to CC.
Fortitude 016, 094.
Foundation cf. House. Of Masses, 0202, cf. Contract.
Fraternity, Brotherliness 8, 10, 18, 19, 22, 36, 38, 60, 72, 73, 81, 90. FP. 01, 08, 013, 027, 030, 031, 032, 038, 057, 082. Cf. Communion, Co-operation.
Freedom 5, 15, 41.1, 51, 59, 67, 75, 81, 83, 134, 021, 044, 052.
Friendship 23, 34, 142, 032. Cf. Love, Charity.
Fruits of Goods D. of Pius X, 4,6.
Function 143, 0166, 0168, 0187. Cf. Duty, Obligation, Office, Right. Service, Task.
Generosity 18, 32, 41, 2, 83, 031, 034, 053.
Gentleness 11, 013.
Gerard Majella, St. HP 05.
Gifts 25, 56, 71, 80, 121, D. of Pius X 3, D. of Benedict XV, 2b, 044, 049, 059. cf.
Good, Welfare (Common) 18, 38, 92, 98, 104, 118, 135, 139, 142, FP-III, -IV, 0100, 0200.
Gospel, Good News The Congregation was founded to preach the G. to the Poor, HP 1, 2. Its specific mission is the explicit preaching of the G., 5, 10, 12. The characteristic of the Congregation is the apostolate of evangelisation properly so called, 14. Community life is a means of serving the G., 22. Humble and brave servants of the G. of Christ, 6, 67, they are a leaven in the world, 01. The confreres announce the Word of God so that men may be converted and believe in the G. Freedom and integral salvation of humanity is part of evangelization , 5, 021. When direct proclamation of the G. is impossible, they bear witness by charity to Christ, 9. An open community shares with others the joy of the G., 43. They encourage missionary enthousiasm in the young to raise up heralds of the G., 014b.

St. Alphonsus longed to preach the G. to non-believers, HP. The first duty of the Church is to preach the G., 011a. Living according to the G. promotes Christian unity, 013.

By religious profession, Redemptorists dedicate their lives to the preaching of the G.; they are associated with the mission of Christ, as ministers of the G., 47. Cf. 3, 7, 15, 20, 27, 34, 46, 63, 74, 78, 82, 83, FP, 01, 09, 012, 056, 058. Cf. Evangelize.
Government 1. In general sense. The term G. means the superior and, when required, his ordinary and extraordinary Council, 0861a. Redemptorists form a community equipped with adequate forms of g., 2, 086-212. The primary organ of g. is the chapter, 98. At the head of the Congregation, the Vice)province and the communities there is a Superior with his Council, supported by appropriate bodies, 99. The General Chapter examines the state of the Congregation in the area of g. 0116a. The Superior General and his Council are co-responsible for the g. of the entire Congregation.

2. The General G. is the permanent directive and executive body, 112; it expresses and guards the unity of the entire Congregation, 0120; it is the inspirator and animator of a continual renewal in the (vice)-provinces, 113; gives directives for each sector of the Congregation, 93; animates and co-ordinates all missionary activity, encourages co-operation between the different Provinces, 143, and can intervene in inter-provincial conferences, 0187. The ordinary affairs of the Vice-Provinces are dealt with by G. solely through the Provinces, 0177.

3. The (Vice)-provincial g. is composed of the (Vice)-provincial and his Councillors, and is the permanent directive and executive organ, 123a, 133. It is responsible for its workings to the (Vice)-provincial Chapter, 124a. The (Vice)-provincial Superior will inform the General G. of the convocation of the Chapter, and also the Provincial G. if the Vice-provincial Chapter is being convoked, 147.

4. For the bodies useful to G. see 129, and 133.
Cf. Approval, Confirmation, Consent, Consultors, Council, Principle.
Grace 7, 59, 71, 78, FP-I, -II.
Group, team 4, 14, 38, 43, 82, 010, 012, 025b.
Growth 34, 36, 44, 90, 139.
Guidelines 09a, 114b, 0163, 0167. Cf. Instructions.
Habit, religious 45.4, 67.
Harm 3.
Harmony 142.
Head 6.
Health 60, 034, 051, 0205, 0211.
Heart 20, 23, 25, 33, 41, 51, 52, 86.2, 015, 028a, 051d, 053, 057.
Heaven and Earth 7. Cf. Reign of God.
Help, Helper 2, 4, 32, 132, FP-I,-II, 02, 04, 08, 09, 011c, 023, 031, 042, 0175, 0205, 0212.
Higher College of St. Alphonsus, (Collegio Maggiore). It is in Rome, and is of great importance for the renewal of the entire Congregation, 083a. The Director of the H. C. is to send a report on each student to his respective (Vice)-provincial at the end of each scholastic year, 083c. Each year a short course on the history and life of the Congregation is to be given to the students, 083d
History HP 86.2, 01a, 023, 083d.
Holy Orders To go forward to Holy Orders, Perpetual profession is required, 076. For the exercises prior to receiving H.O. the prescriptions of common law are binding, 070.
Holy See The Superior General takes care of the correct relationship with the H.S.116a. The Procurator general represents the Congregation at the H.S. 0128. Practical matters to be dealt with at the H.S. go through the Procurator, 0129. A change of Procurator has to be confirmed by the H.S. 109b.3. If the Superior General resigns to his Councillors, confirmation is to be requested from the H. S. 116b. The decree of dismissal of one in perpetual vows must be confirmed by the H.S. 146. Cf. HP, 135, 147, 148, 03, 05, 081a, 0135, 0193.
Hope Redemptorists are apostles of h., 20 and must bear witness to the h. that is in them, 10: they must be witnesses to h. in the sight of the world, 43. In solidarity with the poor the become for them a sign of h. 65. With St. Paul they will be rooted in a lively h. Superiors will unite the confreres to be strengthened in the h. of their calling, 037. Also, 81, 015.
Hours, Liturgy of cf. Liturgy.
House, residence Dwelling place of a community, canonically erected with the consent of ecclesiastical authority, 0186, containing at least three members, 135, 091. The canonical erection or suppression of a h. belongs to the General Government, 135. A residence is a house which is not canonically erected, 091a.

The General Government chooses the members for the h. of St. Alphonsus in Rome, 0138b.
Practical matters concerning h. to be transacted with the Holy See are dealt with by the procurator general, 0l29.
Humanity, human, mankind Christ the Lord is the principle and the model of renewed humanity, 6. The Church is sent to save all mankind, 021. Redemptorists are ready to face every challenge to bring plentiful Redemption to men, 20, by revealing to them the mystery of Christ the Redeemer, 28, especially to the most abandoned and the poor, 1, 3, 4, 014, evangelization of whom includes the entire human person which must be freed and saved, 5. Men are sinners, yet they are called, justified and glorified in Christ, 7; transformed into new men, 6, 11, with Christ as their model and principal, 6. Men must be converted to Christ, and truly live out their baptism, 11, 12. In the mystery of the incarnate Word the mystery of humanity and its true and complete vocation shines out, 19.

Evangelisation demands a precise and practical knowledge of the world and of the men and women of our time, 19. We are to train the young properly so as to make new men, builders of a new humanity, 014d. Also:, 21, 44, 72, 75, 78, 80, 83, 87, 90, 91, 107, FP-I, -II, 05, 014, 015, 023, 031, 041, 052, 053, 054.
Humility Redemptorists are h. servants of the Gospel, 6. They ask with h. help to live chastely, 59. They form a community available for the h. and the poor, 057. The ecumenical apostolate requires h. and gentleness, 013. Community of goods fosters sharing with the poor and the h. 044. Also 20, 83.
Identification 4, 52.
Illusion 24.
Imitators of Christ Candidates are imitators of Paul, as he was of Christ, 81.
Cf. Following of Christ, and 26 and 32.
Income 0137, 0173, 0204, 0206, 0207. Cf. Temporal Goods, obligation.
Incorporation of goods, 62; into institute, 85 Cf. Associates.
Individual 7, 12, 18, 37, 38, 58, 74, 101, 0129, 0150.
Induction 095b.
Industry 62.
Inheritance D. of Pius X.
Initiative 13, 15.
Innovations 0101.
Insecurity 045.
Inspection 0106, 0197, 0207.
Inspiration 114c, 025a, 034, 0155.
Installation 095.
Institute In general. 90, 121, 019, 052.

Religious. 1, 62, 72, 81, 93, 103, 104, 107, 115, 121, 035, 044, 059, 0135, 0211.
Institutions 9, 96, 97 -103, 107, 116, 122, 129, 133, 012, 021, 060, 0125, 0164, 0167, 0168.
Instruction cf. Teaching.
Instruction 148, 0112, 0125, 0135, cf. Guidelines.
Insurance 0205.
Interaction 37.
Interpretation of law by General Council 119.1; by Holy See, 109b3; by (v)Provincial chapter 0140a, 0141; by (v)provincial council 0151.
Intervention 0102, 0104, 0190.
Inventory 011d.
Investment 0206c.
Invigoration 143.
Joseph, St. 05.
Joy, cheer 20 59, 67, 057.
Judgement 049, 055, 078, 0128. Cf. Decision.
Juridic cf. Law.
Jurisdiction Since the Congregation is exempt, Chapters and Superiors have ecclesiastical j. for the internal and external fora, 100. Cf. Confessions.
Justice, social Superiors shall treat the laity who work among us with justice. Salaries shall be at least equal o those prescribed by law. If these latter are not just, a greater salary is to be given, 0199. Also, 5, 010, 021, 0111.
Juvenate 0169.
Kerygmatic 017a.
Kindness 057.
Kingdom of heaven cf. Reign of God.
Labour, Industry, work The characteristic of Redemptorists is to live and work together, 22, 30; they form a community of w. and periodically review the apostolic w., 037; as poor men, they should feel obliged by the law of w., 64. Each takes on that measure of l. and the burdens which flow from a missionary vocation, even when engaged in technical and professional l. The O.Ss.R. nuns should be kept informed of our l., 08. Also, HP, 32, 39, 43, 45, 46, 49, 62, 68, 89, 118, 135, 144, 148, FP-I-II. 01, 08, 026, 031, 060, 0114, 0199. Cf. Apostolic Activity, Mission.
Laity 01. 02, 014c, 020, 054, 0189, 0199.
Language 20, 011c.
Law Legal, Juridic, (Rights.) The Congregation is ruled by the common law of the Church and by particular law, 03.
In general. 21, 34, 64, 73.3, 93, 106, 133, 03, 04, 043, 0117, 0207.

Also (common or particular) 68, 73.2, 84, 86.1, 100, 101, 115a, 128, 132, 133, 138, 144c, 146, 147, D. of Pius X, D. of Benedict XV, 03, 04, 061, 062, 066, 069, 070, 074, 079, 086, 095a, 0105, 0106, 0109, 0110b, 0115, 0126, 0137, 0138, 0139, 0141, 0151, 0157, 0165, 0170, 019, 0192, 0202, 0205, 0207, 0210, 0211, 0212.

In (vice)-Provinces of oriental rite the designation of Superiors is to be on the basis of the oriental code, 128, 138b, 153d, 0158c, 0178b.
Civil l: 69, 70, 0189, 0199, 0200, 0204.
L. person. In general 010, 0193b. House: 091; Province 121; Region 090; Vice-province 130.
Rights: Superiors must preserve the r. of the members, 094. Practical ordering of the community must take account of human r, 44, 54. Members have the r. and duty to give at least one hour a day to prayer, 30. Promoting the r. of the poor, 3, 010.
Leader 126.
Leasing 0193b.
Leaving the Congregation on this subject see 145-147, and 0154.
Liberation The mission of the Congregation is directed to the whole human person which is to be freed and saved. Cf. Freedom.
Liberty, Free The members must be f. and ready for the work of evangelization, 15, 67; they must acquire that interior f. which give unity and balance to all their being, 41.1. They live the mystery of chastity in l. and joy. Evangelical obedience gives witness in the world to the authentic l. of the children of God, 75. Candidates are to be helped to make a f. choice and commitment, 81.
Life, Live The characteristic of the Congregation is to l. and work in common, 30.
Religious profession is the definitive act of the l. of a Redemptorist, 54, 49. The l. of Redemptorists is entirely consecrated to the mission of Christ, 46. Mental prayer helps our sharing the liturgical. l. and feeds the spiritual l. of the members, 24, 26, 31, 41. Knowledge of the l. and writings of the Founder is encouraged , 33. The l. of prayer of the elderly should inspire the young, 034.
Every community must have suitable rules for its l., 44. Candidates must receive a formation which takes in every aspect of human and Christian life, 054. They share in the l. of the Church, 056, and of the Congregation, 89. The pupils follow as far as possible a l. like their contemporaries, 053. Charity gives unity to the l. of the confreres, 3, 54, who proclaim Christ by simplicity of l. 20. Witness of ones life is a means of evangelisation, 10.
For apostolic life, cf. Apostolate . For comunnity life, cf. Community.
Liturgy Full sharing in Redemption is attained through the l. 12, 29. L. celebration is understood as the Eucharist and the l. of the Hours, 30. Community life is nourished by the L., 27. Mental prayer makes taking part in the L. more fruitful, 31. Redemptorists encourage the l. cult of the B.V.M.,32.
Living alone. Cf. Community.
Local Ordinaries The Superior General and the (vice)Provincial Superiors are both L.O. and major Superiors, 0156. In mission territories they reach agreement with the L.O. over their reciprocal rights and duties, 012d. The confreres are to observe the prescriptions of the local ordinary regarding dress, 45.4. To be designated for a third triennium a local Superior must have the approval of the local O. 138b.
Loneliness 81, 015, 034.
Lord 2, 6, 7, 10, 51, 58, 028a, 042.
Love 6, 12, 22, 23, 24, 32, 38, 53, 56, 57, 58, 59, 71, 72, 79, 038, 056. Cf. Charity, Friendship.
Lowly 044, 045, 057.
Magisterium 6.
Majority cf. Vote.
Mandate 1, 5, D. of Pius X (concl.) 027, 095a.
Marriage 57.
Mary, Blessed Virgin St. Alphonsus was convinced that his Congregation, under the patronage of the B.V.M. was called to collaborate with the Church to win the whole world for Christ, HP.

The seal of the Congregation includes the monogram, M. 06. Redemptorists honour M., under the title of the Immaculate Conception as their official Patroness, and under the title of Mother of Perpetual Help, under which title they promote devotion at the wish of the Holy See, 05. They honour her daily, spread her liturgical cult, celebrate her feasts with special fervour, and recite her Rosary, 32; 056. To safeguard chastity, they trust in the patronage of O.L. of Perpetual Help, 042. Also, 26, FP-I, -II.
Master of Novices cf. Novitiate. Also: 86.2b, 064, 069, 079, 0169.
Material Goods cf. Temporal Goods.
Maturity The community must promote the development of the human person, promoting a greater m. in all, 36, which is promoted by fidelity to the requirements of charity, 031. Genuine sharing of the state of the most disadvantaged, timely experiments which advance human m. can be attempted, 045. The purpose of formation is to promote the human and Christian m. of the apsirants and the members, 78. When a sufficient level of m. has been reached, the candidates can commit themselves to the mission of Christ, the Redeemer, 85. New methods of developing the maturity of aspirants are to be sought, 052, 053; 055. Also: 70.
Meditation cf. Contemplation, Prayer. 81, 83, 056.
Media of Social Communication The Congregation makes extensive use of the m. of s.c. in pastoral ministry, 022. On replies in magazines cf. 024.
Meeting 36, 143, 025a, 037, 0121, 0132, 0134, 0179, 0180, 0182, 0184, 0187, 0197. Cf. Council.
Mercy 12, 011a.
Message 3, 6.
Messianic 4.
Methods 17, 025a.
Minister cf. Service. The members are m. (dispensers) of the revelation of the mystery of Christ, 28, and of the Gospel, 47. Formators are servants of the truth for which they are searching along with their disciples, 83. Also, 2, 67, 017a.
Ministry The members form an apostolic community and a single missionary body whilst each attends to his own m. 2, 01; the Spirit enlivens them inwardly for the apostolate through a diversity of m., 25; they have received as a gift the m. of reconciliation, 11; by religious profession all become truly missionaries: whether they are engaged in different activities of the apostolic m. or whether they are occupied with various services on behalf of the Congregation, or of the confreres. 55.

Popular missions are a type of extraordinary pastoral m. 017. Our confreres, especially those with the cure of souls, should be particularly devoted to the formation of the young, 014d. Parish missions must be conducted with a missionary spirit 018.

Everyone should seek to animate and enrich his own m. by study and by contact with the confreres, 90. Aspirants must anticipate and be prepared for the uncertainties of the apostolic m. 81. Everyone should try to assist those setting out on their m. in the Congregation, 033. The nuns of the O.Ss,R share in the apostolic m. of the Congregation 08. The variety of m. helps in fulfilling the purpose of the Congregation, 121.

The Superior General must know the needs of the Church, particularly in those places entrusted to our m. 115b. The m. (charism) of spiritual direction, 024.
Also: 18, 80, 100, 016, 022, 026, 082. Cf. Service.
Missiology 011c.
Missionary Redemptorist m. described, 20. All Redemptorists are m. 54, 55, 01 etc. They The more they recognise the need to improve their m. activity the more effective they will be, 90.

Redemptorist m. support, priests, 015, youth, 014d, everyone, 12, 020. Oblates share in the m. activity of the Congregation, 085. The Spirit of Christ raises up m. in the Church, 80.
Mission, Missionary activity "M" for the Congregation is equivalent to vocation, work, activity, identity, apostolate, mandate etc.

1. Mission in general. The Congregation is an Institute which shares in the m. of the Church, 1; to carry out this m. it is organised as a missionary body, 2, 01. The members are called to carry on the m. of Christ, 23; gathered in community, they carry out their m. in the Church, 21; they are all responsible for this m. 35, 73, 94, 98, 048.
The m. activity of the Congregation, ch.1, is directed to the evangelization of the poor, 1, 3, 4,, 09; it consists principally in the explicit proclamation of the Gospel, 5, 10, to create and build up a faithful community, 12. The m. to evangelize the poor includes the whole human person, 5, 021. The Congregation tries to carry out its m. with bold initiative, 13, and fulfils it by new initiatives matching its m. charism, 16, 17. Its m. requires that the members be free and ready, 15, 16. To ensure the greater effectiveness of their own m. they must harmonise their work with the initiatives of the universal and local Church, 18.19, 67.
The General Chapter is to make a searching examination of our fidelity to our m. vocation, 108; its duty is to bring about the m. of the Congregation, 114b. The carrying forward of the m. activity of the Institute depends on the zeal and competence of the General Councillors, 118. The Vice-province serves the Church where a m. situation exists, 131; to make its m. more effective, it should adapt its life-style to local m. requirements, 134.
Superiors must help confreres to put their m. aspirations into effect, 72.

2. Mission and religious consecration. The m. of Christ the Redeemer is the reason for our consecration 46, 54. By religious consecration the members are associated with the m. of Christ, 47. Religious profession is the decisive act of the entire m. life of Redemptorists, 54; by virtue of profession all truly become m., 55; they choose celibacy to dedicate themselves to the m. of Christ, 58; as missioners, they embrace the poverty of Christ, 61, in as much as m. zeal requires the life-style of the poor, 65.
Redemptorists regard the Eucharist as a sign of m. solidarity, 29; they foster the m. spirit through community prayer, 30; they take on the burdens and tasks which follow from their vocation, 39, and they use the ecclesial sense of their Founder as the criterion for evaluating every m. work.

The effectiveness of the Congregation in carrying forward its apostolic m. depends on the number and quality of candidates, 79. Appropriate formation ensures that the members are capable of consecrating themselves without reserve to the service of the m. Church, 78. The distinctive feature of m. formation is the pastoral orientation of the whole course of training, 058.

For the m. formation of candidates cf. 82, 85, 87, 89. For the formation of the Brothers, cf. 084a.
Redemptorists will be effective m. to the extent that they deepen each day their understanding of their m. activities.

3. M. among unbelievers St. Alphonsus longed to undertake them, Hp. They also form part of the specific end of the Congregation, 3, 011, which acknowledges them as a priority requirement of the Church's m. activity, 011a. (Vice)-provinces must ask themselves whether they can collaborate with Provinces already at work in m. territory either by helping them or by founding new m. 011a. Preparation of missioners, 011c. We readily give up our posts to indigenous clergy, 011c. To improve the assistance given to the m. each Province should have a m. procurator, 0176. They should be a secretariate for foreign m., 0114. The ecumenical apostolate requires a spirit of service in the m., 013.

4. Missions to the people. This was the main activity of St. Alphonsus and of the early Congregation, HP. M., as an extraordinary pastoral ministry have made the greatest contribution to the work of evangelization.017a. To prolong the effect of the m., spiritual renewals are recommended, 017b. Among believers the style of m. preaching must be directly chiefly to a renewal of faith, 014b. Confreres assigned to parochial ministry, must be governed by a m. spirit., 018. (Vice)-provincial governments are to organise groups for new forms of m. action. Cf. Apostolate, Apostolic Activity, Apostolic Life, Pastoral.
Mobility 67.
Model 6, 32, 05.
Moderation 68.
Moderator of Province, 125; Supreme of Congregation 70, 114b.
Money 047, 0137, 0193a, 0194, 0201. Cf. Poverty.
Mortification The confreres spontaneously practise exercises of penance, 42. (Vice)-provinces are to indicate which penitential exercises are to be performed in common on one or other weekday and during the appropriate liturgical seasons, 039.
Mystery, mysterious 7, 10, 12, 19, 20, 28, 29, 31, 32, 50, 58, 59, 71, 81, 87, 89, FP-I, -II, 020, 028, 056, 058.
Nature, natural 1, 45, 133, 061, 099, 0114, 0132, 0189.
Needs HP, 33, 81, 96, 134, 135, 141, 04, 09, 014, 057, 090. cf. Church, Pastoral, Requirement.
Needy 4. Cf. Poor.
Neglected 14.
Neighbour 9, 051d.
Neumann, St. John Nep. HP 05.
Non-Christians, Non-believers, HP 011b.
Norm The fundamental norm of religious life is the sequela Christi, 74. Every community must give itself suitable and clear n. adapted to a life in common, to which should accept as binding on himself, 44, 45. N. for the good of the community, 041.

Also 137a. In general: 60, 68, 74, 93, 107, 109, 130, 03, 051a, 095b, 0109, 0133, 0157, 018, 0190, 0212. In formation: 051a, 066, 069, 0169b. Of General Council: 0191b2. Of General Government: 0177. Of general Statutes: 86.2d, 117, 122, 138, 140, 144c, 067, 0119, 0143, 0172. Of Holy See: 135. Of (v)provincal chapter/statutes: 12, 137a, 09, 046.2, 068, 081b, 085, 093, 0182, 0192, 0194, 0197, 0151, 0172. Of (v)-Provincial council: o85, 0194. Cf. Directory, Constitutions, Law, Statutes.
Notary of Congregation, 0134; of (v)province, 0170.
Novitiate The n. is a time of probation, 84, intended to give the candidates the chance to assess the authenticity of their vocation to follow Christ through the apostolic life of the Congregation, 86.2. It may last one or two years in accord with the norms of the (v)-provincial Statutes, 068; it begins canonically on a day determined in an official document of the Provincial, and must be made in a house appointed by the Superior General, 062a. A n. made for one category is valid for another, 065.

The General Government, by rescript, sets up the place of the n. 8.1, approves the n. programme, except for the general order of the house itself, 86.2b. There must be a certain degree of separation between the novices and the other members of the community, 064. The (vice)Provincial gives rulings about the studies to be allowed during the n., 066. There is a possibility of apostolic activity, outside the n. community, 86.2a. If the n. lasts two years some useful formative activity can be allowed to the novices, 069. The vice)Province decides what habit the novices shall wear, 063. Before the novitiate eight full days of spiritual exercises are required, 070. Perpetual profession will be precede by some definite preparation, after the manner of a n. and lasting at least a month, 075.
The novice master is one of those responsible for formation, 0169a, appointed by the Major Superior, 82, is delegated by law to receive professions of vows, o79a, and has other faculties, 064 069, 071
Nuns, Redemptoristines The confreres should hold in high regard the contemplative apostolate of the Nuns of the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer, for whom there should be a special secretariate at the General Curia, 08.
Oath 76, FP-II, FP-IV.
Oath of perseverance It is uttered during the act of perpetual profession, 76.
Obedience The paschal mystery of Christ is a mystery of o.: in which we seek to enter intimately, 71. Following the way laid out by Christ, 50, who came into the world to do the Father's will, the members, by the vow of o., dedicate their own will to God, 71. By evangelical o. they bear witness to the world, 75; by o. they submit to their Superiors 71, to the Constitutions and Statutes, to lawful Decrees, 74, to formal precepts of o. 3, 73.3, and to what has been decided in community, 38, 048b. They must obey with a spirit of faith and love the will of God, and do so with an active and responsible o., 71, 72, 048, considering themselves responsible for the apostolic
mission, 35, 73, 94, 98, and for the Government of the Congregation, 92, 94.
Oblates The Congregation can take as associates "oblates," both clerics and laity, 02; their actual form of association will be determined by the (vice)Provinces. 02. O., who share the spirit and missionary activity of the Congregation, must receive an adequate preparation, 085.
Obligation in general: 15, 57, 69; FP, 011d, 095b; legal: 090, 0196, 0200-0202; of community: 046; of law 0143; of postulancy, 061.
Observance shouldering and undertaking ones own share of the work of the community is a major part of religious observance, 39. Superiors and confreres must observe the CC. and Statutes, and lawfully issued decrees, 74. Revisio vitae entails self-examination on the Constitution and Statutes, 038. Decree of Pius X. cf. Obedience.
Observations cf. Postulations.
Office in general: 12, 133, 047, 060, 0133, 0134, 0144, 0164, 165, 0170, 0184. cf. Duty, function, obligation, officials, renunciation, right, service, task.
Of superior: 72, 103, 117, 124, 126, 127, 133, 094-098, 0103, 0122, 0123a, 013, 0154. cf. Superior.
Office of Communication 0138.
Officials in general: 100; of General Curia: 120, 0125, 0127-0138.
Open-mindedness 013. Cf. Generosity.
Opinion in general 0108; of absent consultor general 0126; of absent (v)-provincial consultor, 0159a, 0160.
Order of M. H. Redeemer 08. cf. Nuns.
Ordinary cf. Local Ordinary.
Organ 108, 121.
Organisation 44, 137, 041.
Organisations 67, 021.
Origin HP.
Ownership, Dominion 62, D. of Pius X, 2; decree of Benedict XV, 2b. 193b.
Parishes Confreres assigned to the parochial ministry must carry out their duties with the greatest zeal, 018. For the goods of parishes committed to our charge, cf. 0207. Also, 014d.
Participation 99, 100, 0121.
Paschal 50, 71.
Passerat, Joseph Amand HP.
Pastoral The mission of Christ is complete p. charity, 48. P. zeal gives soul and unity to the life of the confreres, 54. The raison d'etre of the Congregation is a preference for situations of p. need. It is the duty of the members to keep in mind the requirements of the p. programmes of the local Church, 18, 04, 09, 025b, 037. The p. orientation of the whole course of training is a distinctive feature of missionary formation, 058. Everyone is urged to study moral and p. theology. 023. Assemblies of members of (Vice)-Provinces to study theological, p. and similar questions should be encouraged. 025a.
Also: HP, 1, 5, 16, 21, 44, 48, 90, 126, 139, 04, 015, 016, 019, 037, 050, 058, 082, 084, 0169. Cf. Apostolate, Apostolic Activity, Charity, Priest.
Patience 9, 83.
Patrimony 70, 0193b.
Patrons of the Congregation 05.
Paul, the Apostle, St. HP 81.
Peculium A strict account of the use of funds regularly granted to confreres is to be rendered, to avoid even the hint of a peculium.
Penance, Repentance Faith and r. are to be reached daily to the faithful, 014. The Church is always in need of r., 017a, Also 039. Cf. Mortification, Reconciliation. For the Sacrament of Penance, cf. Confessions, 11, 12, 41.2,
People of God 32, 04, 019c, 023.
Perfection HP, 6, 19, 46, 85.
Permission 046.2a, 095g, 0100, 0211.
Persecution 4, 057.
Perseverance St. Alphonsus introduced the vow of p. to spread and strengthen the Congregation in the world, HP. The members swear the vow and oath of p. during the act of perpetual profession, 76. FP-II,-IV. P. in fraternal communion, in the breaking of bread and in prayer is emphasised, 26.
Person, Personal 1. The p. of Christ. Redemptorists, make the p. of Christ the centre of their lives, 23; they honour the B.V.M. who consecrated herself totally to the p. of Christ , 26. Also 32.

2.The human p. The members must recognise the presence of God in all p., 24. The community, since it is a community of p., 34-38, must promote the development of the p. and offer each the possibility of p. choice, 36; and will make practical arrangements which take account of the rights of the human p., 44. By religious profession Redemptorists dedicate their p. to the proclamation of the Gospel, 46. Evangelical obedience tends to the genuine advancement of p. consecrated to Christ, 75. Celibacy is a p. response to the love of God, 58. Superior must lead their the subjects with respect for the dignity of the human p., 72. Each (Vice)-province carries out its missionary endeavours in accordance with both p. and local needs, 141.

3.Moral p. All the following are m. p.: the Congregation, 1, the General
Chapter, 98, 100, 104, the General Council, 086b, 112, the (Vice)-province, 121, 130. the (Vice)-provincial Chapter, 122, 123, the (Vice)-provincial Council, 124a, 133, 086, the Region, 090, a canonically erected house, 091, the community, which can be local or p. 22.
Personnel 82, 011a, 060, 0175.
Pious Work D. of Pius X.
Pius X D. of Pius X, 043.
Plan of God 19, 24.
Plans, Projects 0114, 0163, 0191.
Pluralism 013, 014b .
Pontiff, pontifical HP 1, 18, 145.
Poor St. Alphonsus founded the Congregation moved by compassion for the p. country people; the members strive to preserve the spirit of the Founder in helping the p. HP. The option for the p. is the very raison d'etre of the Congregation in the Church, 5. Christ announced the Gospel to the p., 1, with whom he chose to be identified, 4. The
Congregation follows the example of Christ in preaching the Gospel to the p. Among the groups most in need of spiritual help, Redemptorists give special attention to the p., 4.; they have the duty of solidarity with the p and the oppressed, and promote their fundamental rights, 5, 09, 021, 046, making their own the legitimate aspirations of the p., 044. They cannot leave unheard the cry of the p., 09b. As p. men they feel obliged by the law of work, 64; in certain cases the may share the state of uncertainty and of penury of the more disadvantaged p, 045. Aspirants practise openness and availability to the p, 057.
Possessions cf.. Temporal Goods, Office.
Postulancy, postulants The obligation for, the length and nature of p. is to be determined in the (Vice)-provincial Statutes, 061. The (Vice)-provinces shall decide how the postulants are to dress.
Postulations All the members can, individually or collectively, send observations or postulations to the preparatory commission of a Chapter, 0150.
Postulator General He is an official of the General Curia, 0135. For his responsibilities, cf. 0135 -0137.
Poverty Redemptorists embrace with a generous heart the p. of Christ, 61. In religious profession they respond to the p. of Christ, 56. In the same spirit which animated the apostolic community, everything among them is to be held in common. 62. As poor men, they regard themselves as obliged by the law of work, 64. They will bear witness personally and communally, to evangelical p, 63. The will have a manner of life comparable to that of the poor, 65. The will seek new ways of practising p., 63. (Vice)-provincial Statutes must lay down concrete rules for the dependent use of goods, on regular revisio vitae on the observance of p , and on new ways of living p., 046. The vow of p. which the members profess, 56, 68, is regulated by the Decrees of Pius X and Benedict XV, 043, which appear as appendices to the Constitutions. To promote the spirit of p., the confreres are allowed to renounce their patrimony under definite conditions, 70. Their will must be valid under civil law, and may be made before perpetual profession, 69. To safeguard p. any hint of a peculium is to be avoided, 047. For various norms on p., cf. 0103, 0209, 0210.
Power 51, 73.3, 100, cf. Authority, Faculty, Office, Superior.
Powerless 09.
Prayer 1. In general. Redemptorists must be persevering in p. 20. When direct proclamation is not possible, they give their testimony through charity with p, 9. They seek to have the same spirit as St. Alphonsus, 26. In addition to eucharistic celebrations and the liturgy of the Hours they have the right and duty to set aside an hour a day for p., either publicly or privately, 30. They call upon the Holy Spirit without wearying, 10: to co-operate more effectively in the mystery of Redemption, 10, to understand and live the mystery of chastity, 59, and to promote vocations effectively 80.

Suggested particular p. activities include the liturgy and community celebrations of the Word, 27, 28, thanksgiving after communion, visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the recitation of the Rosary, 028a, b, 32. The sick and the elderly can by their life of p. stand as a source of inspiration for the young, 034. Candidates are to be taught to seek Christ in p. 056.

2. Mental Prayer. The confreres both within and outside our houses make mental p. a major priority, 31; they cultivate that spirit of contemplation which develops and strengthens faith.

3. Community prayer. The Redemptorist community is a community of p. 26-33; 028, 029. The whole purpose of community life is to have the members combine their p. and deliberations, 22; to do that they gather together for p., 30. Each community will select forms of community p., 30. The structures of their life should bring about conditions favourable to p. 041c. All must contribute through fraternal dialogue to the creation of a prayerful atmosphere, 45.
(Vice)-provincial Statutes will decide how often each day they must gather for p. 30, 028c. They recite at least a part of the divine office in common, 028b. The members will make a daily examination of conscience: it is commendable if this is done during some community prayer, 41.2
Preaching cf. Evangelization, Mission.
Precedence of persons, 0210; of provinces 0209.
Precept of Obedience 73.3.
Prefect The p. of students, of studies and of the Brothers are responsible for formation, 069a, and are appointed according to the norms of the (Vice) provincial statutes,, 0164.
Preference 5.
Prescription, Command 71, 109b, 119.1, D. of Ben. XV 2b, 070, 0115, 0137, 0139,0153d, 0158c, 0175, 0178b, 0207. cf. Obedience, Authority.
Presence of God, of Christ The Christian community is a sign of the p. of God, 12. The members are called to be a lively p. of Christ, 23; they seek to discern in the problems of mankind true signs of the p. of God, 19. In the Liturgy and in the Eucharist they discover the p. of the mystery of Christ, 29. Chastity witnesses to the p. of the Reign of God on earth, 57. Also; 7, 24, 25, 56.
President of the General Council, 106, 114b, 086b, 0125; of the provincial chapter, 125, 086b; of the (v)-provincial chapter 0151.
Priest, Priesthood, Priestly The Congregation unites p., deacons and laity, 01. Aspirants to the p. will receive a formation which forms them in the image of Christ. 12, 29, 114a, The (Vice)-provincial Council establishes the formation programme. The prefect of students should be a man of priestly spirit, 082. On confessional faculties for our p., cf. 040. The confreres will have a special concern for p. 015, and will give them spiritual exercises, 020. The lack of p. is a cause of spiritual desolation of the faithful, 010, also, 124b, 138, 0210.
Principle 8, 52, 91-96, 016, 0100.
Priority, apostolic The (V)-provincial chapter, in agreement with the General Government, can judge whether particular a. ps. are in accordance with the missionary character of the Congregation, 17, 0210.
Privilege 1.
Problems 1, 42, 044, 0144.
Proclamation 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 20, 09. Cf. Preaching.
Procurator On the Procurator General, cf. 0128, and 0129. There is to be a Mission procurator in each (Vice)-province, equipped with adequate means, 0176.
Profession of Faith Superiors are obliged personally to make a p. of f. in accordance with the law, 095b.
Profession, Religious 1. In general. Redemptorists become members of the Congregation through r. p. whereby they take a definitive decision for their lives, consecrating them to the proclamation of the Gospel, 46, 47, 78. R. p. becomes the definitive act of their entire missionary lives, 34, and is an expression of their response to the love of the Lord, 56.

The aim of the novitiate is to study the possibility of following Christ through r.p. 86,2. When novices have reached a sufficient degree and maturity and resolution, they dedicate themselves to the Mission of Christ through r. p, 85.

The candidate will request, in writing, admission to r. p., 077. Before admitting anyone to r. p., a written report is required on his suitability, 078. For those delegated to receive r. p., see 079a; for the drawing up of an authentic document of r. p., see 079b.

2. Temporary profession. Temporary vows are to be made for at least one year, 072. It is for the (Vice)-provincial in agreement with his Council to admit someone to t. p., 062b. Temporary profession is made for at least three and for not more than six years, 86.2e. An eight day retreat is required before t. p., 070.

3. Perpetual profession. It must be preceded by at least a month of preparation, 075. Eight days of spiritual exercise are made prior to p. p. It is required before advancement to Holy Orders, 076. The vow and oath of perseverance is sworn at the same time. 76.

4. Community renewal of profession. This is to be made twice a year at times laid down in the (Vice)-provincial Statutes.
Professions, professional 89, 01.
Programme 18, 83, 86.1, 04, 037, 052, 060, 067, 081, 083b, 0187. Cf. Novitiate.
Progress cf. Development.
Promotion , promote 5, 36, 44, 90, 107, 114, 118, 136, 143, 011a, 013, 019, 021, 025a, 070, 0140c.
Promulgation 74, 0142, 0143.
Property cf. Temporal Goods.
Prophet 12.
Proposal 0150.
Pro-Vicar 0103, 0123b.
Providence 144b.
Province, Vice-province 1. In general. The term "community" includes the (Vice)-province also, 22. The Congregation is made up of p. and v., themselves made up of communities, 97. They are erected, regrouped, modified, or suppressed by the General Council, 97,1,2. P. and V. can set up and suppress regions, 97,3.; ordinarily they have territorial boundaries, 087, but without over-insisting on them, 0185. Before the erection of a v-P., wide consultation must take place, 089, 131. A V-p. founds communities or mission stations, in keeping with the needs of the apostolate, 135. The members who live alone must be attached at least to a V-p. 092, 093. A V-p. may aggregate Oblates.

2. Province. Described in Constitution 121. A p. must have at least five communities with fifty confreres and adequate finances, 088

3. Vice-province. Described in Constitution 130.: it must have at least three communities and 20 members, 088. It has the same structure and competence as a Province, 133. It can adapt its style of living to local missionary requirements , 134; it is an expression of the missionary vitality of the Congregation and of the mother province, 131. It is set up to serve the Church, especially where a missionary situation exists, 131. It can ask for help in money and manpower from the mother Province, 132. .
Proxy 095b.
Prudence 9, 70, 094.
Publications 022, 024.
Purification 41.1, 014b, 017a.
Purpose, Aim, End, Function, Object, Reason 1, 5, 6, 11, 12, 21, 38, 46, 73.3., 77, 83, 86.2, 87. 90, 121, 144, 08, 091a, 099, 0100, 137, 0211.
Qualities, qualifications 36, 39, 051, 060.
Race 010.
Reading, spiritual The members frequently read the word of God, 28; and study the writings of the Founder, 33.
Readiness 3.
Recollection 038. Cf. Prayer.
Reconciliation 11, 12, 41.2. cf. Confession.
Record 0204.
Recourse An immediate appeal against the decision of the majority may be made immediately to the major Superior. R. is suspensive or devolutive, 101.Against a decree of dismissal r. may be made to the Holy See within ten days, with suspensive effect, 147. Against the decree of a the (Vice)-provincial Superior, r. may be had to the General Government, but with devolutive effect solely, 099.
Recreation/relaxation All seek to create an atmosphere conducive to rest and r., 45.2.
Redeemer The Congregation, founded under the title of "Missionaries of the Most Holy Saviour," 1732, was later, 1749, called ".. of the Most Holy R.," with the aim of following the R. himself in preaching the Gospel to the poor, HP. Redemptorists revere the R. as the Titular of the Congregation, HP; 05; by taking to heart the apostolate of the Church, they follow Christ the R. more closely, 011b. Also: D. of Approbation; Chap. III CC., 1, 6, 20, 23, 26, 85, D. of Pius X, FP, Chap. II SS., 01, 08, 053, 056.
Redemption Redemptorists are companions and ministers of Jesus Christ in the work of R., 2. By religious profession they are consecrated to the work of R., 47, 48, 52, 71. Mental prayer will be based on contemplation of the mysteries of R., 31. The members regard the B.V. Mary as their model and patroness, collaborator in the mystery of R., 32. They proclaim the Good News whose object is: Plentiful R. By living amidst the problems of humanity in brotherly solidarity, they make present the work of R., 19; they lead those who have been converted to a full sharing in R. through the Liturgy, 12. Popular missions are a continuation of the R., 017a. The seal of the Congregation bears the text: "Copiosa apud eum Redemptio."
Redemptorist R. is the name of the members of the C.SS.R. All R. are companions and ministers of Jesus in the work of Redemption, 2; they form an apostolic community, dedicated in a special way to the Lord; they are sustained by adequate formation, and by suitable means of government, 2; they are sent to preach the Gospel, in a special way, to the poor, 3-19.
Redemptoristines cf. Order of the Most Holy Redeemer.
Reduction of Obligation 0201.
Refugee 010.
Regime Chapter V of the Constitutions and Chapter V of the Statutes deal with the R. (management, organisation, direction, governance) of the Congregation.
The general principles formulated in the Constitutions must inspire the entire government of the Congregation, 91; these are: co-responsibility, 92, decentralisation, 93, subsidiarity, 94, solidarity, 95, continual adaptation of structure to the needs of the apostolate, 96.
The primary instrument is the chapter, 98, 104, 122, 133, which deals with problems of greater importance relating to government, 11, 123.
Region The Congregation is made up of Provinces, vice-Provinces, and R,. 97. The (Vice)-provinces, with the consent of the General council, can set up or suppress the r., which have juridical personality., 97.3, 090. If a Vice-province is erecting a r. it needs also the approval of the Provincial extraordinary council, 090. Between the (Vice)-province and the R. an agreement needs to be dawn up, which must be approved by the General Council, 090.
Reign of God, of Heaven Religious chastity shows forth the presence of the R. of G., 57, 59. In carrying out instructions and in fulfilling their duties the confreres work in a spirit of faith and of love for the will of God, conscious that in so doing they are seeking the R. of G., 71. Candidates must desire brotherly union as advancing the R. of G., 81. The means of social communications can help spread and establish the R. of G., 022.
Relations, personal

A Christian community truly exists in every personal relationship between confreres, 34. The community must encourage mutual relationships and build up genuine brotherhood, 36. The Superior General takes care of the requisite dealings between the Institute and the Holy See, 116a, 80, 041a, 051a.

Relatives cf. Family
Relaxation What justifies relaxation is that it is to the personal advantage of everyone, and it should be the subject of those regulations which are for the good order of the community, 041b.
Religion 011c, 014.
Religious The Congregation is a R. Institute, founded by St. Alphonsus, HP. Redemptorists are dedicated to God by r. profession, 2, 46, 55, 86, 20, and by r. vows, 54, 58.
Removal from Office 096, 099.
Renewal The Church is in continual need of r. 017. The community must be renewed inwardly, 40. Redemptorists will be effective missionaries if they practise continual r. of their spiritual, scientific and pastoral life, 90. We gather in chapters for timely r., 98, 109, 123. The General Government must be the inspiration and animator of a continual r. in the (Vice)-provinces, 113. The Higher College is of great importance for the r. of the whole Congregation, 083a.
Renewal of mission The r. of m., introduced by St. Alphonsus, HP, is a noted characteristic of the Congregation, 014b.
Reports R. on the suitability of candidates, 078, on the students of the Higher College, 083c; of the General Government on the state of the Congregation, 0116b, annual r. from the (v)provinces to the General Government, 0163; of the postulator general, 0136; on interprovincial meetings, 0187; on economic matters, 0113, 0133, 0140, 0174a, b, 0191, 0195, 0197.


R. lawfully elected by the (Vice)-provinces take part in a General Chapter; the law defining representation is set out in the DC, 0117. The Provincial Superior, or a one delegated by him, is a member by right of the Provincial Chapter, 0144b,c. The Superior General represents all the Congregation, 116a. In the election of General Councillors attention should be given to regional representation, 0124. The Procurator General represents the Congregation at the Holy See, 0128.
Requirements 2, 45, 107, 045, 055. Cf. Need, pastoral.
Rescript 0134.
Residence cf. House.

One ceases to hold office by resignation, 096. R. is not valid unless it is accepted by the competent Superior, 97. The Superior General can resign his office to the General chapter or to his Councillors, 116b.

In the case of the r. of the Vicar General, another is to be chosen by the General Council with a two-thirds majority of votes, 0123a.

The r. of the (Vice)-provincial Superior, and of his Vicar, must be accepted by the Chapter if it is in session; failing that, by the extraordinary Council, 0154.

What is said in our law about r. from elected office, holds also for resignation from office gained by any other manner of appointment, 0165.

Members may resign their own patrimonial property on certain conditions, 70. They are ready to renounce themselves and what they possess to become disciples of Christ.

Respect 031.
Responsibility cf. Co-responsibility.
Resurrection 41.1, 50, 51.
Reunions, community The General Government must promote inter-Provincial reunions, 143. To encourage a spirit of collaboration, Superiors and members gather together every so often, 027.

The (vice-provincial Statutes will clarify what subjects are to be dealt with by the Council and what by the community assembly, and when the Council or the assembly ought to act collegially, 0182.

All the confreres will be informed in good time of what subjects the assembly is to treat so that they may come prepared, 0180. The community assembly appoints some officials, 0184, examines and discusses budgets, 0197.
Revelation 19, 28, 37.
Revenue 0n the administration and disposal of revenue, see nn. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 of the decree of Pius X on Poverty.
Revisio vitae "Review of Life" is prescribed more than once a year, at the times laid down by the (Vice)-provincial Statutes, 038. It is appropriate after some apostolic work, or a period of community living, 037; on the practice of poverty, 046.2c. All are concerned for r.v. Cf. also Examination of Conscience.
Right, claim 5, 30, 44, 132, 144c, D. of Pius X, 2, 010, 011d, 035, 049, 090, 094a, 0112, 0121, 0138, 0190, 0207.
Rite The Congregation has members belong to various r.
Rosary 32.
Royal 12.
Rule The text of our legislation, until 1963, was styled the Constitutions and R. of the C.SS.R.
Sacrament 1, 12, 41.2.
Salvation, Saviour.

Redemptorists share in the mission of the Church which is the "universal sacrament of s." 1; they announce the message of s., 3, 11, 01, 010, 017, 023; they seek to lead the faithful to a closer sharing in the mystery of s.; they are alert to the presence of God in people and in day to day events to see in their light the true plan of s, 24. They find Christ specially in the principle signs of s., 27; they become true missionaries, especially when they suffer and die for the s. of the world, 55.

They honour Our Lady who embraced wholeheartedly the salvific plan of God, 32. Candidates meditate carefully on the mystery of s., 81.

The most abandoned, to whom the Congregation is especially sent, HP, are those who have not been able to receive sufficient means of s. from the Church, 3.

Sanctification 014c.
Schools 053.
Science, scientific knowledge, study The members are to apply themselves to the s. of the sacred and human s., with a preference for dogmatic, moral, and pastoral s. and spirituality, 023. Each of them will enrich and give new life to their ministry by constant s. of sacred and human s. 90. There are to be gatherings in all the communities for the s. of dogmatic, pastoral and moral and similar issues, 023, 025, 037, 084b, 0179, 0180. S. is included in regulations for the good ordering of the community, 41b The confreres who go on mission are to be well versed in missionary s: the language, culture and practices of the people, 011c. Directives for the Higher College at Rome, 083. Functions of the Alphonsian Academy, 90, 023. S. prescribed for candidates during their time of training, 87, 88, 053, 058, 066. Cf. HP, 60, 83, 011c, 022.
Scope 77-78.
Scripture reading 28.
Seal 06.
Secrecy 0110b, 0111.
Secretariate Such s. as seem useful, permanent or temporary, should be set up, with competent persons, even non-Redemptorists, as members. These will include s. for the apostolic life, for formation, for economic affairs, for foreign missions, 0114, 0131. In the General Curia there is t be a s. for information, 0138, and one for relations with the Nuns of the O.SS.R., 08. The Chapter, or the (Vice)-provincial Council will set up such organs as seem useful to Government, such as s., 129, 133. The (Vice)-provincial Statutes will determine the function of s. 0166.

Under the inspiration and guidance of the (Vice)-provincial Superior and with the collaboration of the s., assemblies of confreres will be promoted to deal with theological, pastoral and similar subjects, or the updating of apostolic methods, 025a.

On the formation s., cf. 0167 and 0168.
Secretary The S. General is a major official, 0127, elected by the General Council, 120.

The (vice-provincial secretary is the notary and chancellor of the office of the Curia; he may be chosen from outside the ranks of the Council, 0170.
Self- denial, Self-renunciation 20, 41.1, 4, 51, 67, 011c, 013, 057.
Self-renewal 11, 41.1, 90.
Self-sacrifice 38, 50.
Seminaries 060.
Sensitivity, feeling 44, 093.
Separation of Christians, HP; from the Congregation, 0212.
Service, serve, servant The Congregation must s. the Church, 18. The General Chapter gives timely directives so that the Congregation can be dedicated to the s. of the Church and of society, 109a. The Holy Spirit inspires the members with a readiness to s. God and the Church, 3.1. Candidates are to be capable of consecrating themselves to the s. of the missionary C.
The members must be humble and brave s. of the Gospel, 6, 67.
They hold everything in common for the s. of the Gospel, 22, 011c, 013, 015. The have the B. V. Mary, handmaid of the Lord, as their model and patron, 32. The structures of the community must be at the s. of communion and a spirit of fraternity, 030. They choose celibacy for the s. of their neighbour, 58. Charity is exercised in a genuine sprit of s. to others, 9. Superiors exercise their authority towards the brethren in a spirit of s. 72. The first duty of a Superior of a community is to s. the community so that it may be formed and grow in Christ, 139. The General Councillors are at the s. of the whole Congregation, 0124. Formators are at the s. of those they are intended to help, 83.
Sick The s. are also missionaries, 55. They must receive special care and assistance, above all as their last hour approaches, 034.
Sign The evangelization of the poor, of the weak, of the oppressed is a s. of messianic activity, 4. The Christian community becomes a s. of the presence of God, 12. The Church is not a perfect s. of the presence of God among men unless there is a laity true to their call living and working in it, 014c.

The members, consecrated to the mission of Christ, are s. and witnesses in the sight of men to the power of the resurrection of Christ, 51. They seek to discern, in the problems troubling humanity, the true s. of "the presence or the plan of God, "19. Their style of life should be in accord with that of the poor whom they seek to evangelize. Only in this way can they show solidarity with the poor and become for them a s. of hope, 65.
Signs of the Times Redemptorists must be attentive to the s. of the t., 2, 43.1, 83.
Silence Rules for the good order of a community should include something on s., 041 b.
Simplicity The members announce Christ by the s. of their lives and words, 20. Candidates are to be trained to s. and sincerity of heart. 0199.
Sin, sinner 6, 7, 017.
Sincerity In a spirit of s. and service the confreres must fit in with the work and structures of the local Church, 18. They exercise charity by s. service of others, 9. S. of heart is a virtue proper to an apostolic community, 057. Also: 66, 013.
Society, social 14, 44, 93, 010, 013, 014, 021, 044, 051a, 059, 0205.
Solidarity 5, 29, 65, 95, 046.2.
Solitude The candidates need to be prepared for the challenges of s. and loneliness 81. The sick and elderly confreres, who are sometimes weighed down by loneliness must receive particular attention 034. Our missionaries must help priests who find themselves in distressing isolation, 015.
Solution 0114.
Son 6, 24, 32, 72, FP-I,-II, 011b, 017a.
Soul 28, 015.
Spirit of the Congregation, of the Founder

The General Chapter must give directives through which the Congregation, renewing itself in the s. of its distinctive identity, can dedicate itself anew to the service of the Church and of society, 109a.

The General Chapter will make a searching examination of the state of the Congregation, to see whether it has remained faithful to its missionary vocation in the s. of the Founder, 108. The members are to take care that they keep to the s. of the Founder, HP.

Candidates are to be helped to become capable of taking initiatives in keeping with the s. of our Institute, 81. Oblates share the s. of the Congregation, 085.

Also: Spirituality: 2, 4, 12, 21, 24, 28, 31, 38, 61, 81, 85, 86, 88, 90, 100, 108, 109, 139, FP, 08, 09, 010, 014c, 023, 024, 027, 029, 030, 038, 044, 056, 058, 082, 084b, 085.3

Spirit, Holy (of Christ) Redemptorists invoke the H.S. to collaborate in the mystery of Redemption, 10. The Redeemer and his s. of love sustains the community, 23. Superiors and confreres, moved by the H.S., are at pains to find out the will of God, 73.1. By religious profession, under the direction of the H.S., they come to be associated with the Mission of Christ, 47. Superiors and members, united by the one H. S., must keep to the Constitutions, statutes and decrees, 74. It is the S. of Christ which raises up missionaries in the Church, 80.
Spiritual direction The charism of s. d., outstanding in St. Alphonsus, is exceptionally important in our times, 024.
Spiritual exercises HP, 31, 020, 029, 070, 095f.
Statistics 0134.
Statutes The General S. and the (Vice)-provincial S., along with the Constitutions, form the particular law of the Congregation, 03. It is for the General Chapter to correct, abrogate and make General S., 109.2; the General Council has the faculty of interpreting them authentically, 119.1. Before (Vice)-provincial S. are promulgated, they must be approved by the General Council, 0142. The approval of (vice)-provincial S. by the General Council is given only after consulting the extraordinary Provincial Council 0142.
All S. take effect from the stated date; otherwise from the moment of promulgation, 0143.
The extraordinary (Vice)-Provincial Council can interpret or suspend the (Vice)-provincial S., but must inform the (Vice)-province of its action, and in the case of suspension, the General Council too, 0161.
The General Chapter is governed by the General S., 105, 0115; the (Vice)-provincial Chapter by the General and (Vice)-provincial S., 0139.
The Superior General must promote the apostolic life of the Congregation in accordance with the Constitutions and S., 114. The Provincial Superior directs and organises the Province in accordance with the Constitutions, and the General and particular S., 125.
Structures 15, 18, 94, 97-103, 121, 133, 014b, 030, 087, 0114.
Studendate 0169.
Students 88, 082, 083c, 0169a.
Style of Life 014b, 046-2b.
Submission 48, 71, 72.
Subsidiarity S. is a principle for government of the Congregation, 94. By virtue of the principle of s., no Superior can take on the functions of lower superiors or officials or take their places, unless the common good demands it, and his Council approves, 0100.
Subsidy 94, 0100.
Substitute for general consultor, 0126b; for (v)-provincial consultor, 0159; in (v)-provincial Chapter, 0145, manner of substituting 0153, 0164, 0181.
Successor in office 106, 117, 127, 095d.
Suffering 22, 55, 057.
Suffrages 036.
Suitability, fitness 86.2, 13, 051, 078, 084.
Superior 1. In general. At the head of the Congregation, the (Vice)-provinces and the communities is a Superior with his Council, 99. S. have dominative and jurisdicational power, 100.

The S. acquires his functions when he takes possession of his office, 095, and remains until his successor acquires his functions, 095d. He ceases by resignation, transfer or removal, 096-099. In his absence, his vicar takes his place, 117, 0105, and in the absence of his Vicar, by others in accordance with the (Vice)-provincial Statutes, 0103, 0105.

a) Manner of governing. S. must examine themselves on their understanding of their office and on their manner of carrying it out, 103; they must exercise their powers in a spirit of collegiality with their Councillors, 100, who have consultative or deliberative votes, but in certain circumstances a collegial decision is required, 101. They observe the principle of subsidiarity, 94, 0100; jointly with the confreres they are co-responsible for and committed to the apostolic mission of the Congregation, 35, 92, 94, 98. They strive to know the will of God, 75.1; they observe the Constitutions and Statutes and decrees, 74. The must give an account to God of the souls committed to their charge and be docile to the will of God, 72. When absent or impeded, the s. must behave in a way which does not cause difficulty or uncertainties in the domestic government; the (Vice)-provincial statutes will determine in which cases the Vicar will, by right, replace the S., 0105. He must exercise authority in a spirit of service; he must guide his subjects in such a way as to bring them, through active and responsible obedience, to the fulfilment of their duties, and listen to them willingly, 72. S. must put themselves at the service of the community so that it is formed and grows in Christ, 139, and becomes ready to live worthily its own vocation, 126.

b) Rights and duties. Obedience is owed to S.,71. Whilst all contribute to a final decision, it is always the S. who much choose and determine what is to be done, 73.2. S. must judge the authenticity of gifts and talents and their good use, 049. They will take care that there is genuine fraternal affection in the community as a safeguard for chastity, 60. They can dispense in disciplinary matters from the Constitutions and Statutes as provided for in law, 102. They take care of the rights of the confreres, but they also know how to correct their defects, 094. They seek out and help those who have withdrawn from due contact with the Institute, 0212. After taking possession of office, they make the spiritual exercises, according to our old tradition, 095f. They must assemble their Council and give timely notice of the date and the business of the day, 0106, 0107. They have the right to dispose of material goods, 144c, 0193.
S. precede their Vicars, 0210.
Major S.-General, Provincial, Vice-provincial-have the chief responsibility for formation, 82. Their faculties are listed in the DS.

2. In particular.

a) The S. General. His election, 110. He represents and governs the Congregation, 114-116. Resignation, 116d. Rights, 104, 106, 112, 114, 115.a, 0118, 0121, 0151. He is to be kept informed about the causes of beatification and canonisation, 0137. He has special care of the Higher College, 083a

b) The (Vice)-provincial S. Designation, confirmation and removal, 128, 099, 0153. Resignation, 0154. Faculties in general, 106, 124-126, 133, 062b, 0140, 0156, 0175. Manner of governing, 126, 133, 0155. Responsibility in the (Vice)-provincial Chapter, 0146, 0147, 0151, 0152; for the updating of apostolic method, 025; for formation, 0156; for the novitiate, 86.2b, 062, 064, 069, 070, 074, 078; for on-going formation, 90, 083; for administration, 0174b, 0195; for dispensation from the observance of Constitutions and Statutes, 102b,d, 073,c,d.
The Provincial S., or his delegate, will be a member by right of the Vice-provincial Chapter, 0144b; for his co-operation with the Vice-provincial, cf. 0175, for admission to perpetual profession, cf. 062b.
The vice-Provincial S., under certain conditions, can grant a dispensation for the Constitutions and Statutes, 102c. His is a member by right of the Provincial Chapter, 0144c. He is to inform the Provincial Government of the convocation of the Vice-provincial Chapter.

c) The local S. Designation, confirmation and removal, 128, 099, 0153a,b. Office, 139, 0169b, 0180, 0182. Faculties, 102a,b.
Supervision 0137, 027.
Support, self-support 64, 144, 148, 0198.
Suppression of house, 135; of formation institution, 0167; of region, 97.3; of (v)-province, 97.2.
Survey 0114, 0133.
Suspension of decisions 101, 119.2, 147, 0161.
Sustenance 144b.
Sympathy 81.
Task 18, 71, 107, 124a, 059. Cf. Duty, Function, Obligation, Office, Right, Service.
Taxes 0196.
Teachers, Educators 83, 015, 060, 0169.
Teaching 26, 27, 81, 82, 019, 023, 059, 060, 082. Methods of, 060, 082. Cf. Formation.
Temporal Goods 1. Use. Community life requires that t. g. are put to common use, at the service of the Gospel, 22; therefore the members hold all goods in common, 62, 44; they are used for lawful purposes, 144a, 011a, 0198. Whatever the members acquire by their work or because they are religious must be incorporated into the goods of the community, 62. (Vice)provincial Statutes shall lay down norms on the use of t. g

2. Administration of t. g. The t. g. of a moral person are to be administered by the treasurer under the direction of the Superior and his council, 0190. The General Chapter examines and appraises everything relating to t. g.. 0116. Faculty of the General Council, 0191b, and of the (Vice)-provincial Council over t. g., 0192. The (Vice)provincial government can ask for the true state of the t. g. of communities, 0208. Accounts, receipts and books of administration etc. are to be kept for t. g. 0204-0206. The administration of parochial t. g. not belonging to the Congregation is subject to the Superior's supervision, 0207,0203

3.Disposal of t. g. The right to dispose of t. g. belongs to Superiors, Councils and Chapters, 144c. The General Council dispose of the t. g of suppressed Provinces, 97.2. Vice-provinces which are not self-sufficient have the right to receive help in t. g. from the Province, 132., in a manner to be settled by agreement, 0175. To encourage the spirit of poverty, members are allowed to renounce the t. g. of their patrimony, 70.
Territory 18, 011c, 087, 089, 0185, 0186, 0188. Cf. Region.
Testament (Will) The members are bound to make a will which is valid in civil law, but the obligation may be deferred until the time of perpetual profession, 69.
Testimony cf. Witness.
Tie (Vote) 0108a, 0109. Cf. Vote.
Time, temporary, temporal apostolic, 62; future, 16; in dispensations, 102; needs of, HP. 18, 33, 45.1; of postulancy, 061; of probation, 84, 86.2d, 069, 073; specified, 039, 094b, 095, 096, 0119, 0153d, 0178b, 0185c; suitable, 10, 11, 136, 084b, 0106, 107, 0146, 0178.a, 0185. Cf. Elapse of Time, Profession (religious), Sign, Temporal goods, Vow.
Title D. of Pius X, 05.
Tolerance 057.
Tradition, Traditional The members are faithful to the t. of their predecessors, 2. Faithful to the alphonsian t., they honour the Virgin Mary, 32. The General chapter will examine how faithful we are to the best t. of the Congregation, 108. Rules of life selected from Christian and Redemptorist t.
Transfer from another institute, 073; from office, 096, 098; of category, 065; 0f dominion, 0193b.
Trial 81, 04, 057.
Trust 1, 042.
Truth 19, 24, 83.
Treasurers In general. There are to be well-trained t. in every sector of the Congregation, 0112. T. have no right to dispose of goods, 0112. T. regularly prepare budgets of expenses and income, 0113, 0173, 0174, 0190, 0191a, 0197. Even if t. are not part of the General or of the (vice)Provincial council, they must be summoned when economic matters are to be treated, 0132, 0172, 0191b,f. Cf. Auditor, 0133.

The general T. An official of the Curia, 120, 0127, and a member by office of the General Chapter, 106. He administers the goods of the Congregation, 0130; for matters of major importance he consults with the secretariate for economic affairs, 0131. At least once a year he must give a report to the Superior General and his council, and he reports to the ordinary General Chapter, 0130. The general Government will provide him with vice-t as helpers, 0130.

The (vice)-provincial t. An official of the Curia, designated according to the (vice)Provincial Statutes, 0164, 0172. He administers the goods of the (Vice)province under the authority of the (Vice)Provincial and his Council, according to the norms of the (Vice)provincial Chapter, 0172, prepares an annual budget, 173 for both the (vice)province and the communities, submits reports annually on the financial state of the (vice)province and communities, 0174, to the (vice)provincial superior and extraordinary Council, and submits a shorter report, with signature and comments of the (vice)provincial superior and council to the general government, 0174b. All these are prepared with the approval of the secretariate for finance.

The local t. There is a t. in every community, 0183, designated by the Superior or by the community assembly in accord with the (vice)Provincial Statutes, 0185. He looks after its temporal affairs under the authority of the local Superior and his Council.
Unbelievers St. Alphonsus ardently longed to preach the Gospel to u.; in 1743, he put into the Constitutions a vow-suppressed by the Roman revisers, in 1749-to evangelise them, HP. Cf. Non-believers.
Uncertainty 81, 0105.
Unity, Union Chapters strengthen the u. of the Congregation, 98, 107. The General Government is an expression of the u. of the whole Congregation, 0120. The members live in u. with God, 53. The closer their u. is with Christ, the closer is their mutual u., 23. Interior freedom gives u. and harmony to their entire being, 41.1. The members must be in favour of whatever works towards the u. of those who believe in Christ 013.
Validity in councils, 0108, 0159a; in civil law, 69, 70; of act of administration, 0193c; of act of General Council, 0126; of holding chapter, 0152d; of novitiate, 86.2a, 065; of renunciation of office, 097, 0154. Cf. Law.
Values 6, 36, 66, 83, 91, 012, 0193, 0201a.
Veneration 2, 056.
Vicar 1. In general. Every Superior has a V. who supplies for him in office when he is absent, impeded or has left office, 110a, 117, 140, 0153. The V. acts in accord with the will of the Superior, 0101, and supports his authority, 0102. The (Vice)-provincial Statutes determine when the V. supplies for the Superior, 0103. The V. precedes the consultors, 0210.

2. The V. General. Elected by the General Chapter, 100, he is a General Consultor, 117. His competence, 117. The pro-V, 0123b.

3. The (Vice)-provincial V. His designation and confirmation, 0128, 0153. Ordinarily he is chosen from among the Councillors, 127, 133. His competence, 127. His replacement and resignation, 0153, 0154.

4. The local V. Appointment and competence, 140, 0178.
Vice-Province cf. Province, Regime, Government.
Visit ,Visitation V. to the Blessed Sacrament, 028a.
The superior General directly or indirectly v. the (Vice)-Provinces, 114c. The (Vice)-provincial Superior must make a canonical v. of the whole province at least every three years. The Provincial Superior v. the vice-Provinces periodically, 0155.
Vocation, calling The Congregation is called by God to fulfil its missionary work, 13. The option for the poor is the distinctive mark of fidelity to the v. received, 5. The members are called to continue the presence and redemptive mission of Christ, 23. They must freely open their hearts to others, in accordance with the demands of the apostolic c. The community puts itself at the service of each ones v. and enriches it, 37. Community gatherings strengthen hope in our v., 126, 133. All the confreres promote v. for our Congregation, 79.
The most effective way of promoting v. is prayer and example of life, 80.
Each (Vice)-province must create suitable structures for encouraging, seeking out and developing v., 050, 0530. New methods need to be found for promoting late v. 052. The process of formation includes the selection of v., 77. Formators try to exercise discernment over the v. of candidates, 83. The novitiate should give scope for the candidates to be able to assess the authenticity of their v., 86.1.
On the missionary v. of the Congregation, cf. 90 and 23.
Voice 0211.
Voluntary cf. Will.
Vote, active and passive If the absence of a confrere is not justified on grounds of study, health or Redemptorist work, he loses his a. and p. v., 0211

In general, 101, 086b, 0110, 0125, 0211.

absolute majority in, 109a, 0108a, 0110a, 0123b, 0141.

consultative, 102, 066, 070, 078, 081, 0118, 0127, 0138.b, 0142, 0150, 0162, 0167, 0191b1, 0211.

deliberative, 0108a, 0162. Cf. Consent.

in councils, 0109, 0110b.

The v. of councillors can be consultative or deliberative, and sometimes collegial, 101, 0162. The DS list the relevant case. In councils the v. is open, but becomes secret if one of the members of the council requests it, or the law expressly prescribes it.
in collegial acts, 06b, 0109, 0162.

Cf. Collegiality, Consultors, Council, Government.

of Superior General, 0151.

Qualified majority in, 109b1,3, 110b, 116b 0118, 0119, 0123a, 0141, 0152b-3.

Vows, religious

The v. of the Congregation were made according to the arrangements of St. Alphonsus, HP. Candidates are incorporated into the Congregation by v. of poverty, chastity and obedience, 56, 85. To the act of perpetual profession a v. and oath of perseverance is added, 76.

Temporary v. are made for at least a year, 072. Not more than six years should elapse between novitiate and perpetual profession, 86.2e.

The v. of poverty is regulated by the decrees of Pius X and Benedict XV, contained in the Appendices, 042.

Only the Supreme Pontiff or the Superior General can dispense from v. made in the Congregation, 145. In the case of a dismissal, the v. are dissolved after the confirmation by the Holy See of the decree of dismissal, or after the declaration of the fact, 146.

cf. Chastity, Obedience, Poverty, Perseverance, Profession (religious).

Wages 0199.
Will of God: 32, 48, 52, 71, 72, 73, 74.

of Superior: 0100. Cf. Testament, Patrimony, Renunciation, Voluntary.
Wisdom 83.
Witness, Witnessing, Redemptorists are w. of the Gospel, 7. When they cannot directly proclaim the Gospel, they give w. by charity to Christ, 9. The silent w. of fraternal presence, 8. The w. of the hope that is in them, 10, 19, 43. W. of conversion, 42.

Apostolic zeal towards the faithful, who have ordinary means of pastoral help, who need to bear w. to the faith in daily life, 3, 12. By their consecration to the mission of Christ, they are w. to the resurrection, 1.

They give personal and community w. to evangelical poverty, 62, 63, 046.2.

Evangelical obedience gives w. to the world of the authentic freedom of the sons of God, 75.

Candidates must be heralds and w. of the wisdom of the Gospel, 83.

Authentic acts of profession subscribed by w., 079a.
Word The end of the Congregation is to follow the example of Christ in reaching the w. of God to the poor, 1. The principal mission of Redemptorists in the Church is the explicit proclamation of the w. of God, 10.

With the spiritual help of the Nuns of the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer, the w. of God is spread and received with honour, 08. The effects of the w. of God n those who receive it, 12, 28. The confreres must be in continual contact with the w. of God, 27, 28.

Candidates should be filled with the w. of God which they have to proclaim, 81. To preserve charity one must believe in the ww. of the Lord, 042.

Redemptorists proclaim Christ in simplicity of w. and of life, 20; they invoke the Holy Spirit, who puts the appropriate word on their lips, 10. Also: 2, 19, 42, 83, 09, 056.
Work cf. Apostolic activity, labour.
World St. Alphonsus was always convinced that the Congregation was called to collaborate with the Church in winning the whole w. to Christ, HP.

The members keep in mind that the Church has received the mandate to transform the w. in Christ, 021; they are the Gospel leaven in the w., 01.

They ask themselves whether the forms of evangelization in use correspond to the expectations of the Church and of the w., 17. They identify with Christ for the redemption of the w., 52.

They are missionaries even when they are suffering and dying for the salvation of the w., 55. The community must be open to the w., 43, 082.
Candidates must study the problems of the w., 81. The confreres should be aware of the problems which trouble the w., 044. Gospel obedience gives witness before the w. to the freedom of the children of God.
Worry 114b, 031.
Worship 144a, 028a.
Youth The confreres must be specially dedicated to the formation of y., 014d, to the promotion of vocations among y. 80, to finding new ways whereby y. can exercise choice more freely, 052. The lives of the sick, elderly or suffering confreres can be a source of good inspiration for y., 034. On the formation of y., cf. 053.
Zeal Redemptorists burn with z. 20. Animated by the z. of the Founder, they form an apostolic community, 2. In the face of the needs of our times, they imitate the apostolic z. of the Founder, 33. They revere St. John Neumann, model of pastoral z., 05. Every kind of material, spiritual or moral poverty must stimulate their apostolic z, 044. They keep in mind that the best and most effective means of promoting vocations is constant prayer and apostolic z., 80.